1 Reading a great book twice is better than reading ten average ones. All the time you spend reading something bad comes at the expense of reading something good – think about this the next time you decide to not finish a book. And while you’re reading a great book, here’s how to retain the insights gleaned. [Farnam Street]

2 Things I learnt from this article on how often you should be cutting your hair is one, I’ve never done a trim – always a cut. And two, I’m not visiting my hairdresser nearly often enough. [Vogue]

3 Air hunger, it’s a term that describes that feeling when you’re in the midst of intense exercise where you feel like you’re short of oxygen – hungry for air. According to science, it’s a sensation and doesn’t actually mean you can’t breathe. Even more interesting is that it impacts fitter people more, as they are able to push themselves for longer but their lungs aren’t equipped to handle the higher load. If this is you, here’s exactly what it is and why it happens. [Outside Online]

4 Do you have a worst mug? A lone mug that matches nothing, is rarely aesthetically pleasing, more often than not has a chip on it and of origins you can’t remember. I used to – it was an awkwardly long mug I hand-painted at a birthday party, back when pottery parties where all the rage. It had little uneven flowers and a trim on the lip that ended abruptly as if I’d run out of paint. It was hideous but it was mine. Ironically, it wasn’t me that became attached to it, – it was my mother who most likely still has it somewhere with a tea bag, a wedge of lemon and a sprinkle of ginger brewing. If you have a worst mug, here’s how to embrace it and the awkwardness it brings to your collection. [Eater]

5 “You can’t go through life getting only five-star reviews—no matter how perfect you try to be.” Here’s how to handle criticism.

6 As the temps start dropping, so does the desire to come up with fun outfits, and so a big cosy jersey becomes a uniform. If you want to break out of that rut, try the shirt sandwich – a fun way to layer clothing in winter. [Marie Claire]

7 Adding soffrito cubes (with parsley not coriander, IFYKYK) to my food prep and freezer must haves. I use these silicone trays to store portion sized items and love that they have a holder so that liquids are easy to transfer spill free. [Bon Appetit]

8 “My whole theory about planning is that we write a fairy tale that we love. We fall in love with the story of our over-ambitious plan. Because if we could actually execute that plan, it would make our life great. ” from this article on how to do more, by doing less. [GQ]

9 How to pick the best grocery store flowers. [The Kitchn]

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