1. A few years ago I did the celery juice “diet” and by “diet” I mean I had a glass first thing every morning, which if you missed is here. During my research I went down the rabbit hole that is the Medical Medium. With that in mind, this article about one of his believers was morbidly fascinating and a cautionary tale of blindly following medical advice from people who aren’t equipped to dole it out. [Vanity Fair]
  2. Why you suddenly feel tired in the afternoons and what to do about it. [Self]
  3. Don’t feel like cleaning? Tackle these 5 things to make your house feel cleaner faster. [NPR]
  4. I’m planning an egg challenge where I make a different type of egg every day for breakfast and this little hack for making fried eggs is going straight in that. [Bon Appetit]
  5. Strava as a place for poetry and short stories. [Outside Online]
  6. Been adding a serving of this collagen to my coffee and it completely dissolves leaving no texture and is barely detectable taste wise. Recommend if you’re looking for a good collagen that is also Kosher.
  7. Is having a signature style overrated? [Vogue]
  8. Remember that article we did on bath salts? Love the Apothecary ones and they’re currently 15% off here, just in time for winter!
  9. Recipe favourites from the Taste Team’s Moms. [Taste]
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