1. “The wise man is he who knows there are no answers, only questions. That’s what life’s about. You can’t understand life. How can you?” – from this incredibly moving final conversation between a journalist and her grandfather-in-law before he chose voluntary assisted death. [The Cut]
  2. Love this story about ‘Bottle Claus’, Eliud Kipchoge’s water bottle passer at his latest world record beating Berlin Marathon. [New York Times]
  3. These are the best baking cups.
  4. Your personality according to your birth order. [Goop]
  5. Lol at this list of 40 excuses you’ve probably used to procrastinate from running. [Outside Online]
  6. How to calculate catering quantities – thank you Lisa for this! [Food & Home]
  7. I often share Arthur Brooks’ column “How to Build a Life” so this feature on him was wonderful insight into the man behind the advice column. [GQ]
  8. A guide to the different types of oats. [Bon Appetit]
  9. Is romanticising your life a form of mindfulness? [Self]
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