1. “I want everyone to know that they can run in the body they have right now.” Turning insult into success, Martinus Evans started the Slow AF Run Club movement after someone yelled at him “You slow as f – – k! Go home,” at the2018 New York marathon. He’s since become a certified running coach, graced the cover of runner’s world and written a book. This is how he’s inspiring healthy living.

2. 4 Children were rescued from the Amazon this week, after surviving a plan crash followed by 40 days of survival in the jungle. At any age it would be remarkable but with the oldest being 13 and the youngest 1, this story really is one to read.

3. If you follow our morning movement on Instagram you’ll know that we are huge proponents for cold water swimming. It’s difficult, invigorating, stress busting and also a major trend right now with the rise of the cold plunge. This article tells you all you need to know about cold plunging, and has also confirmed that our pool does in fact qualify at 11 degrees C.

4. If you’re looking to add protein to your diet easily and get the added boost of collagen, our favorite is from The Bone Both Guy. It’s pure collagen, neutral tasting, Kosher, Halal, gluten and GMO free and not filled with added ingredients like sugars or fillers. This link will get you R30 off.

5. How far would you go to reset scarring and wrinkles and have a clean slate with your skin? Hopefully not this far.

6. The worst part of deciding to watch a movie in your free time is the time it takes to decide what to watch – by the time you’ve picked something, your free time is up. That’s why this list of the best movies added to Netflix in June appealed to me. A few minutes read and you have your pick sorted for you.

7. While we’re on the topic of movies, these books are set to become movies/series soon. Have you read any? We’re most excited for Lessons in chemistry.

8. Three-time Comrades champion Bongmusa Mthembu accurately predicted that Garda Steyn would win the women’s race and break the record. Which she did. Does it matter that the record was set on a 2km longer course?

9. Been looking for new ways to make eggs and this recipe looks very interesting.

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