1. This is a loooong list (80 items to be exact) but there are so many good tips on spending less money on groceries. [The Kitchn]
  2. How to give a good and sincere apology plus when you shouldn’t apologise. [Vox]
  3. 5 incredible and incredibly frightening things Chat GPT-4 can do. [NY Mag]
  4. Love the use of colour in this kitchen, it screams happy place. [Food52]
  5. There’s a buy one get one free offer on our favourite peanut butter. [Faithful to Nature]
  6. Why you should bake your wool garments in the oven before wearing them, especially if they’re thrifted. [Well+Good]
  7. A good guide on exfoliating your face. [Mind Body Green]
  8. 9 things to make with a bag of carrots [Taste]
  9. A runner’s guide to keeping your feet happy. [Runner’s World]
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