1. “If you are a man wanting to know if it’s cool to keep using the dog shampoo as face wash, please hang up and continue to live your life with wild abandon”. Thanks for calling the skincare hotline is good for a little laugh. [The New Yorker]


2. Techniques to use when your mind is filled with anxious thoughts. [Goop]


3. Great freezer tips from what to do before, preventing freezer burn and defrosting correctly. [Food52]


4. A guide to Vitamin D, why you need it and where to get it from. [Mind Body Green]


5. A couple good reasons not to skimp on your post workout cool-down. [GQ]


6. 5 biggest takeaways from the Apple event plus what you should be doing now if you have an iPhone. [Time]


7. I always char bones before turning them into a broth, but have never done that with vegetables. This article explains why charring broth ingredients, including vegetables makes for a better broth. [Taste Cooking]


8.  Your sweat can revel what you’ve ingested, disease and lactate levels. This article on the future of sweat monitoring is both fascinating and unnerving. [The Guardian]


9.  Tips for having a healthy relationship with social media. [Shondaland]

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