1 Do you have bad tongue posture? If you’re sitting mouth agape, here’s what you need to know about mouth breathing and tongue posture. [Goop]

2 How to make your perfume last longer [Marie Claire]

3 Should social media come with a warning sign? This Surgeon General thinks so and this is why. [NY Times]

4 Following from social media and warning signs, this story about glow-downs (the trend to reverse the skin and appearance “glow-ups”) has social media written all over it. [The Cut]

5 How to allow yourself to step away from work and rest. [Time]

6 If you make sourdough or any dough for that matter these reusable covers are the best to cover your sourdough prep bowls or a bowl to allow dough to rise.

7 How to season soy sauce, because apparently it’s not best served straight from the bottle. [Food52]

8 Habituation is a phenomenon by which we respond less and less to things that are constant, or that change very gradually. It’s also the reason why we get bored of the best things in life. Here’s how to avoid it. [GQ]

9 Not waiting till summer to make these cocktails. [Punch Drink]

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