1 Some great tips on how to start strength training. [Time] If you’re more of a visual person @coachedby_vicks has tons of videos showing you how to use certain machines; while @monique.fit has both home and gym workout guides that include video instructions.

2 If you’re a make-your-own kind of person, you’ll love these homemade facemasks. [Marie Claire]

3 Five of the healthiest foods you can eat, although I can’t say how some will make you age. [Vogue]

4 “A swarm of bats flew around us at dawn and I kept thinking it was the universe telling me I’m batshit crazy.” – best line from this interview with Amy Appelhans Gubser, the 55-year-old California woman who became the first person to swim from the San Francisco Bay to the Farallon Islands. And if you want more from long-distance swimming, read Find a Way. [Outside Online]

5 The OG skinfood is 25% off here.

6 How to overcome financial FOMO [22Seven]

7 The year is 1959, a book editor gets handed a 700+ page manuscript of Julia Child’s first cookbook and the rest is history. Foodies, this is the story of the woman who discovered Julia Child. [Bon Appetit]

8 11 ways to upgrade your home. For free. [The Everygirl]

9 Salt isn’t the devil it’s made out to be, here are 3 myths you need to stop believing about salt. [TCM]

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