1. “Wishcycling is when you put something in the recycle bin because you want to recycle it. You hope it will get turned into some shiny new object. But you don’t really know if it will and so you decide to let someone else down the line figure it out for you.” Here’s 5 common recycling mistakes to avoid so you can recycle instead of wishcycle. [Outside Online]
  2. Have you ever washed white fabric sneakers, left them to dry and returned to unsightly yellow marks? This trick actually works (we tried) to keep your sneakers white while you dry them. [In My Bag]
  3. How to Grow Out, Shape, and Tweeze Your Own Brows. [Goop]
  4. Some great ideas on cultivating friendships without going out and creating new memories instead of sharing old ones. [The Good Trade]
  5. How old are you in your head? Chances are it’s younger than your actual age and there’s a reason for that. [Atlantic]
  6. Food52’s most popular recipes shared on instagram. Of these 10 I’ve made two, one which flopped horribly (the eclair cake) and one that was a hit I’ve remade (miso buttered onions). [Food52]
  7. Eyeing this mango body butter and it’s 20% off. [Faithful to Nature]
  8. Ayurvedic tips for a good night’s rest. [Life Retreat]
  9. If you suffer from insomnia and those late night catastrophic thoughts, here’s how to deal and get some sleep. [Time]
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