1. “It’s something that encourages you to spend three minutes a day, and that’s it. Like, it doesn’t want any more of your time than that.” The sweet story behind Worldle, the word game taking the internet by storm by doing what no other website or app has done  – no notifications, endless scrolling or data collection. [NY Times] p.s you can find it here.


2. What happens when you stop multi-tasking.[Goop]


3. A guide to Vitamin C for skin. [Pillow Derm Talk]


4. ‘A body that’s truly “well” isn’t one that never experiences stress. It’s one that’s equipped to deal with them, that can say, “Okay, I can put up with the shit that you’re about to put me through.’ – love this distinction between health and performance and why there’s a time and place for both. [GQ]


5. The correct way and order to brush your teeth, floss and mouthwash. Spoiler alert: you’re probably doing it wrong. [Glamour]


6. “Not all goals and dreams are about changing the world. A lot of time it’s about giving ourselves a set of skills and a sense of confidence,” – from this article on losing the diet resolutions and making goals that fill you up. [Prevention]


7. Social media is a bad feelings machine. Why can’t we just turn it off for good? [The Guardian]


8. 5 ways to ground yourself and lead a calmer more authentic life. [Growth HQ]


9. The divine art of uniform dressing. A concept I can understand and appreciate but could never take on myself. I like variety too much. [W]

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