1. Calendulas look like daisies, smell like marigolds and possess powerful phytochemicals that can mend skin. It’s also one of the main ingredients of Weleda Skin Food, the ultra-rich moisturiser with a cult following (they sell a tube of their moisturiser every 5 seconds). Formulated in 1926, here’s the history of a product that stands the test of time. [NY Times]
  2. Awkwardness is the secret to making friends. [NPR]
  3. How smart is this magnetic bookmark that hold your place at the exact line you left off. Perfect for those heavier books that you read in pages not chapters. [Nifty Gifts]
  4. Why you should strive to be compassionate, not empathetic. [The Atlantic]
  5. The 5 best substitutes for tahini when you’re in a pinch, but if you’re making this granola substitute with cashew or sunflower seed butter. [Food52]
  6. How to maintain balance when going after a big goal. [Bustle]
  7. How to cook those baby marrow tops you usually toss. You can also use them to make vegetable broth. [Bon Appetite ]
  8. How to hang art correctly. [Style by Emily Henderson]
  9. 18 salad dressing recipes. [The Kitchen]
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