1. “I don’t think we’ve evolved enough to handle being aware of as much as the internet makes it possible for us to be aware of” – from this incredibly long essay titled ‘Is my phone listening to me’. [Slate]
  2. The secret power of boredom. [Good Housekeeping]
  3. An excerpt from another book about making friends which has tips to finding your tribe. Before you do that have you figured out your attachment style yet? [Vox]
  4. Love this series Vicks is doing on instagram where she’s interviewing 6 women in her life. [@coachedby_vicks)
  5. How to hang curtains because it sounds simple until you’re doing it. [AD]
  6. How to add multiple links to your instagram bio. [Bustle]
  7. How music affects your brain. [Time]
  8. God bless the food writer who spent a day eating pasta to find the very best way to cook it. [Food52]
  9. I have never thought to do this with lemon peels and now I want to.
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