1. The period board game that wants to teach girls everything they need to know about menstruation [Refinery29]
  2. If you’ve ever dieted, thought of dieted or tried eating certain foods in a bid to up your metabolism this article is a must read. Metabolism is not a muscle you can control. These 9 facts clear up what we tend to misunderstand about metabolism. Well 8 facts, the 9th is that the hummingbird has the fastest metabolism in the animal kingdom and blood sugar levels that would be considered diabetic in humans [Vox]
  3. Jen Widerstrom, the Biggest Loser trainer who is fitness goals proves that everyone has stomach rolls [Well + Good]
  4.  This 27 year old “plaaskind” went viral for his rant on “fees must fall” and it’s brilliant [Good Things Guy]
  5. 6 Food Swaps to make for more energy [Bicycling]
  6. 11 Things you should never put in the dishwasher [The Kitchn]
  7. How to get a “summer body” without dieting [Caralicious]
  8. A new study is out showing why fitness trackers are useless. For weight-loss that is [HuffingtonPost]
  9. If you were watching the Paralympic Games you may have seen the story where 4 Paralympians raced 1500m faster than anyone at the Olympic Games. This is what those headlines failed to say [Outside Online]
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