1. If you’ve come home from your weekly grocery shop and almost immediately changed your clothing and showered; these expert answered questions on catching Covid-19 from clothing, hair, newspapers will make you breathe easier. [NY Times]


2. What environmentalism can teach us about staying home. [Outside Online]


3. How to not wash your hair, which tbh sounds like more work than washing your hair. [The Cut]


4. This is a great guide to meal prepping for one person, that would also work for two. [Bon Appetit]


5. Two errors our minds make when trying to grasp the pandemic.

“Disappointment and uncertainty are inevitable, but we don’t have to turn them into suffering. Ruminating over what might have been and what might happen will reliably deliver unhappiness. If you practice eliminating these mental errors during the pandemic, you’ll be happier today, and better equipped to deal with the hard parts of ordinary life, whenever it resumes.” [The Atlantic]


6. Tips from moms on working from home with kids around. [Rattlle + Mum]


7. How to choose your yesses and why it’s important not to say yes to everything. [Mind Body Green]


8. If you’re crafty, here’s how to make your own facemask. If you’re not, here’s where to buy them. [Vox]


9. Mike Stopforth shares tips and resources from SMME’s to tackle the Covid-19 crisis. [Mike Stopforth]

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