Have you ever wondered how other people live? When they wake up, what they eat, how much they workout? “A day in the Life” is a series that gives you an inside peak into the days of interesting people. This week, Fitness Bikini Athlete and Fitness Coach Sarah Hall shares a typical day in her life…


4:45am My iPhone alarm on the other side of the room goes off. It’s time to get the show on the road!


I get up, head to the kitchen and mix my SSN Cytoguard with ice cold water, take 2 Supashape L-carnitine and get myself ready for the day.  This routine involves getting my 10 week old toy pom ready for cuddles with her dad.  She gets a quick breakfast, cuddle with mom, extra snack of laces as I put my shoes on and then I hand her over as I leave for work to take on the morning’s clients.


5.30am I see my one on one clients back to back from 5:30am to 9:30am. I join my 5:30am client for their warm up so that I can get some fasted cardio in.

A Day in the Life of Bikini Model Sarah Hall


During the morning at some stage I quickly gobble down breakfast made for me by our resident coffee shop Cuppa Jozi that does meal prep for all our clients as well. At the moment, my breakfast consists of tuna mixed with a home-made fat free salsa and pineapple.

I love busy mornings, and I am blessed with goal driven clients who come to train, learn, laugh and see results.





A Day in the Life of Bikini Model Sarah Hall


10:00am It’s time for me to squeeze in a training session. I have a pre-workout in the form of either a single espresso, a beetroot shot, or a serving of ice cold Cytoguard.  All 3 of these in their own way increase my insulin sensitivity so that my muscles are able to absorb carbohydrate more effectively. My sessions generally last between an hour to an hour and a half. It depends on the muscle group or type of training I am doing e.g. a volume session versus a muscle hypertrophy session, and of course how much time I have.


11:00am I down my post workout Supashape Pure Whey shake (the Vanilla Toffee is my favourite) which gets blended with ice so it tastes like a milkshake, and take on the next couple of clients.


I squeeze lunch in somewhere in between here, which is usually egg whites and rice, or egg whites and sweet potato.  My lunch is made up of Protein and Carb sources that are clean and absorbed and assimilated quickly for muscle glycogen replenishment, muscle and joint repair. I have it at least within 60-90minutes after my shake.

A Day in the Life of Bikini Model Sarah Hall



This takes me to the early afternoon where I go and fetch my fur baby who we nickname ‘The Stink” (her actual name is Bailey) and take her for her river walk which is just down the road from both work and home.  Of course it’s her that actually takes me.  I then drop her off at doggy day care for the afternoon, and come back to work.






2-5pm I work on my online coaching. I take our STS clients for their initial and follow up Biokinetics assessments and work on some social media posts for my sponsors and my own business, Dynamite Training which I operate in association with Sheriff Training Systems.


A Day in the Life of Bikini Model Sarah HallMy afternoon snack which I have around 3:30 is either mince patties made from extra lean mince, spinach, butternut and egg white or a chicken, butternut and broccoli dish with Moroccan spices.  I am always consistent with my diet and stick to a plan; however how I cook each meal may differ just to keep it interesting.

If it’s during prep for a show, and I’m generally struggling with cravings, I’ll have a lot of ice cold water with lemon juice and Supashape water infusions which really are a life saver. Otherwise I try and squeeze in at least 2 cups of pure green tea per day.

I include cheat meals as and when my body needs it, which in my off season is either once a week or once every two weeks, or about once a month if in prep season.


My working environment is one of the best I could ask for. I’m surrounded in the coffee shop downstairs from the gym by my colleagues who are all crazy and wonderful in their own special way. We impart knowledge, help each other through long days and laugh a LOT.  More often than not at my husband who is either going deep into character recounting a scene of I am Sam, or doing an impression of one of us having a bad day.

A Day in the Life of Bikini Model Sarah Hall

5pm I fetch Bailey from day care, take her home for a little bit of play time before its back to the laptop. I work on more meal and training plans, articles or social media roll outs for STS and Dynamite.


7pm rolls around before I know it and its meal prep time, and some time with my husband to recount the day. We have dinner (which for me is either an egg white omelette with spinach and asparagus or a meal of tuna and asparagus) and get everything ready for the next day before we wind down for bed.


9:30-10:30pm is bed time.  Sometimes we try and squeeze in a motivational DVD or catch up on some scientific journal reading.  Of course before the lights go out, our stink gets a ton of bedtime kisses.


I hope you enjoyed a day in my life! For more follow Sarah on instagram @sarahsheriffsvixen

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