nutreats | things that make you feel good

/nju:/ Adjective

Something new, a discovery, experienced for the first time and shared with others.

/tri?ts/ verb

Something pleasurable, that makes you feel good.

Nutreats is a lifestyle blog that promotes healthy living in a way that is attainable. Nutreats is your space to discover things that make you feel good. Since inception, we have been sharing content that can be split into 4 catergories: read | cook | experience | shop.


We follow our curiosity. From (lots of) books, podcasts, news and more, we share what to read, know and learn in a straightforward way, allowing you to decide what you want to use and what you want to lose.


We live to eat rather than eat to live and believe that health doesn’t mean restriction. We share healthy(ish) recipes that use ingredients that are as minimally processed as possible and mostly made from scratch. Understanding budget constraints, our recipes often utilise everyday ingredients. However, we also know the joy a new food discovery can bring, so on those occasions you want to splurge we’ll show you how to use novelty ingredients and where to get them. Aside from our own recipes and food finds, we sift through the latest cookbooks sharing detailed reviews, recipes and what type of cook they’re best suited for.


We’re your guinea pigs trying out new things, so you know what’s worth your money and time. Life is for experience, from cupping to body balancing, facials to travel, we try and test so you know what to do, where to go and exactly what you’re getting into.


We shy away from mindless consumerism so you’re not going to see shopping hauls from us. What you will find is reviews and recommendations of products we love, use and would spend our own hard-earned money on. We’re selective with what we share and value the trust you have in us to recommend products.

Meet the Founders (and team)

Feige and Zissy – sometimes confused as the same person or twins; but in reality, we’re sisters who believe that healthy living isn’t as complicated, exclusive or expensive as the wellness industry makes you believe, and we want to show you how.

In the beginning…

In 2012 we registered Nutreats and launched as an online sports nutrition store. That online store had a blog, because it was 2012, and blogging was all the rage (plus SEO). The blog thrived, the store not so much. In 2015 we shut down the store and relaunched Nutreats, the blog – an online resource to healthy living. This allowed us to focus on the things we enjoyed and were good at – creating content.

We kept the name, because it has come to define what we share (things that make you feel good). We need to clarify that we do not sell treats, or food, or products. We also don’t sell dog food, although there’s a company in New Zealand who took our name and do. If you know the owners, tell them we want it back 😉

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