Last year my skin took a major turn. I went from having the best skin of my life to the skin of my teens. I suddenly started suffering from cystic type adult acne. Each breakout wouldn’t budge and every single pimple clearing trick I’ve gathered and saved as my go-to over the years stopped working.


I write this in the past tense but it’s still ongoing. A yearlong acne saga is one thing. A yearlong acne saga at the age of 34 is another.


As I tried to research my way back to good skin, I discovered that I wasn’t alone. I learned that adult acne is a huge thing that plagues many women in their thirties. I was shocked. I’ve always had the perception that breakouts were a teenager’s challenge to deal with. Am I the only one?


This year I decided that I’ve had enough and I’m going to get to the bottom of what is causing the breakouts. It’s not enough for me to use the best and newest skincare and pimple zapping treatments – I need to go deeper. Usually, what happens on the skin is a symptom of what is happening internally, so I’m going to be going on a deep dive, inside my body to get to the bottom of what really is going on.


During my research I also discovered that the more I shared that I was suffering from adult acne, the more people around me were comfortable sharing that they were too. It made me feel better knowing I wasn’t alone and it made all of us drop our jaws asking what is up.


Things I’ll be trying and documenting (for your reading pleasure) includes food elimination diets, supplementing with vitamins, and investigating hormones and gut health. Each month I’ll be sharing what I tried, the research I found that led me to trying it, the resources I used to help me and what I learned.


If you have any ideas on what I should try or have experience in dealing with adult acne, please leave a comment. Let’s get to the bottom of Adult acne together.


xoxo Feige. Ps. Follow us on Instagram for more as this story develops 😉

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