Resistance bands are elastic bands used to create resistance during exercise or as an aid to assist with stretching and mobility. Resistance bands come in different sizes and strengths.


Cayla Urdang, a biokineticist at Shehnaaz Bhabha Biokinetics, explains that;

resistance bands work by creating muscle contractions in both concentric and eccentric motions. They also help with controlling movement better. Using a resistance band increases strength, increases range of motion and can assist with stretching. Resistance bands are also used to improve core strength and functional training.


Resistance bands are a piece of equipment, small and affordable enough that you can buy them to use at home. When it comes to choosing what resistance bands to purchase, Cayla explains that different colours usually indicate different strengths. There are also different types of resistance bands;

  1. Mini bands
  2. Elastic bands
  3. Super bands


Deciding which to get is dependent on what training you want it for, she says.


An at Home Resistance Bands Workout - types of bands


In terms of using resistance bands in training, Cayla says you can use them every day as long as you use them to train different muscle groups. It’s important to give muscles 48 hours rest after training.


To get you started and teach you how to use resistance bands at home to improve your strength, stability and flexibility, Cayla has created a 12 step at home exercise band workout that incorporates full body moves as well as two stretches. The workout utilises all three different types of resistance bands – mini bands, elastic bands and super bands. These are the bands she uses.


At home Resistance Bands Workout by Cayla


Upper body


1. Wall clocks

1 An at Home Resistance Bands Workout - Wall clocks


Resistance Band used: mini band. Choose the color based on the type of resistance you want. Each color offers different resistance.


Start facing the wall with a miniband around your wrists.

With both hands on the wall, reach out and up with one hand.

Come back to the center and reach directly out.

Come back to the center and reach out and down.

Repeat the exercise as prescribed.

Avoid rotating your torso as you reach – you must be facing the wall directly at all times.


Do 3 sets of 12 reps each


2. Reverse Fly

2 An at Home Resistance Bands Workout - Reverse fly


Resistance Band used: elastic band

Secure an elastic band under the opposite foot of the working arm.

Bent over at your waist, keeping your back straight.

Hold one end of the band in the working hand with the elbow straight, then pull the band without moving your torso.


Do 3 sets of 12 reps each


3. Seated arm row

3 An at Home Resistance Bands Workout - Seated arm row


Resistance Band used: elastic band

In a seated position with legs straight in front of you secure the elastic band with equal lengths on both sides on the balls of your feet. Holding the bands make sure you are sitting upright and slowly pull your hands towards your body. Repeat.

In the same starting position, hold the band and slowly pull the bands keeping your elbows at shoulder height with hands facing down.


Do 3 sets of 12 reps each


4. Shoulder external rotation

3 An at Home Resistance Bands Workout - Seated arm row

Resistance Band used: mini band

Stand with your elbows bent at 90 º on your sides.

Place the band around your wrists, with palms facing each other and tension in the band.

Move your hands apart in a controlled movement, keeping your elbows in place.


Do 3 sets of 12 reps each


Lower Body

5. Squat with mini band

5 An at Home Resistance Bands Workout - Squat with mini band

Resitance Band used: mini band

Stand with your feet facing forward at a hip width apart.

Tie an elastic around your knees, just above them. The band should be taut and applying a tension that pulls the knee inward.

Lower your body into a squat position by pushing your hips backward and bending your knees while keeping your back neutral.

Squeeze your buttocks to resist the pull of the band and keep your kneecaps aligned with the centre of your feet (second toe). Do not let the band pull your knees inward.

Return to the standing position and repeat.


Do 3 sets of 12 reps each side.


6. Banded crab walks

6 An at Home Resistance Bands Workout - Banded crab walks


Resistance Band used: mini band

Starting in a mini banded squat position slowly move one foot out staying in your squat and then bring the other foot to follow. Make sure your knees don’t cave inwards on the walks.

Do 3 sets of 12 steps in each direction.


7. Side plank+ clam

7 An at Home Resistance Bands Workout - Side plank+ clam

Resistance Band used: mini band

Position yourself in a side plank position with a band wrapped around your legs—just above your knees.

Support yourself on the elbow that is directly under your shoulder.

From this position, lift the top knee, keeping the feet together.

Do not move your hips as you lift the knee.


Do 3 sets of 12 reps each side.


8. Trunk rotation+ lunge

8 - Trunk rotation+ lunge

Resistance Band used: super band

The super band needs to be fastened to a fixed area for this exercise. The loose end will be in your hands.

Get into a lunge position, with both knees at 90 degrees without touching the ground with your back knee.

Rotate your trunk to the opposite side of the elastic without turning your pelvis.

Return to the middle and repeat.


Do 3 sets of 12 reps each side.


9. Squat with superband

9 - Squat with superband


Resistance Band used: super band

Place the super band under your feet which should be a hip width apart. Hold the super band in your hands making sure your wrists stay straight. Go into a squat and as you come up push the band above your head, lower slowly.


Do 3 sets of 12 reps each


10. Lunge and pull

10 - Lunge and pull

Resistance Band used: super band

Place the super band onto a fixed object ie. Wall. Face the wall so the superband has tension in it when holding it. Holding the superband in one hand, place the opposite foot on a glider. Slowly move into a backward lunge while pulling the superband towards you. Slowly come up to starting position.


Do 3 sets of 12 reps each



11. Hamstring Stretch

11 - hamstring stretch

Resistance Band used: elastic band


Lie on your back and place a long strap around your forefoot, holding the ends with your hands.

Lift your leg straight up, keeping your knee straight, and pulling gently on the strap with your hands until you feel a gentle stretch behind the thigh and calf. Point and flex toes.

Move to both sides ie, opening up and going across the body.

Maintain the position for the prescribed time.


Hold stretch for 30 seconds each side.


12. Quad and hip stretch

12 - Quad and hip stretch

Resistance Band used: elastic band

On your stomach, place the band around your ankle and hold the other side in your hands over your shoulder, leg should be flexed at the knee. Feel a stretch in your quad and hip.

Hold stretch for 30 seconds each side.


Cayla Urdang

Cayla Urdang is a qualified biokineticist, recognized by the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA). She is part of Shehnaaz Bhabha Biokinetics, a Biokinetics studio based out of the Centre of Advanced Medicine in Waverly, Johannesburg. Biokinetics can be explained as exercise therapy. As a biokineticist, Cayla is an exercise specialist that manages various conditions through exercise and rehab. Shenaaz Bhabha biokentics is also active with wellness promotion, weight loss, injury prevention, sports conditioning and performance. To book and appointment click here. To see more workouts by Cayla click here.

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