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The Victorian Garden Jojoba & Apricot Oil Cuticle Oil

The Victorian Garden Jojoba & Apricot Oil Cuticle OilThe Details

Made with jojoba, argan and apricot oils, this healing cuticle oil serum is formulated to prevent cracking, splitting and peeling. It also helps strengthen brittle nails. It also has antifungal properties to keep your nail and cuticle tissues healthy. It’s best used at night after a warm bath and applied to the cuticles and nail beds

The Review

This cuticle oil applies much like nail polish – same bottle and brush look which makes for a very easy application. It has an oily but not greasy feel – something that if you’re used to using facial and body oils you’ll be comfortable with. It absorbs easily into your skin and is a product that’s bound to become a regular for me and for anyone who loves an at-home mani.

Available here (R110 for 10ml)


Isabella Garcia SPF30 Light Advanced Expert Serum

Isabella Garcia SPF30 Light Advanced Expert SerumThe Details

This is a multi-functional product offering both a glowing complexion and sun protection. The sun protection comes in the form of UVA and UVB filters, providing protection against all rays. Its light tint and micro-fine light diffusing pigments smooth over imperfections giving you a uniform complexion. It also contains Vitamin B3 to help nourish the skin, rebalance skin tone and protect skin against damage from pollution.

The Review

I wouldn’t say this offers much of a tint, but it is without a doubt the nicest feeling sunscreen that has ever touched my face. From the moment you pull this SPF serum out of the box, the experience is luxe. The bottle is beautifully designed. The applicator takes a little getting used to but pumps out perfect amounts. I love that it feels like you’re applying a serum treatment, for those who struggle to add sunscreen to their daily skin routine – this will eliminate that. My very sensitive skin has taken well to it, and I have had no bad reactions. I haven’t tested its efficacy in huge doses of sun exposure yet but am hopeful that it holds well as this is a sunscreen, I am all for keeping in my everyday routine.

Available here (R508 for 15ml)


Isabella Garcia Mineral Face Powder

Isabella Garcia Mineral Face PowderThe Details

This mineral face powder helps achieve a flawless complexion. It’s lightweight and helps enhance the appearance of the skin’s natural tone, while evening out and softening the appearance of blemishes. It also helps set make-up giving you a matte finish.

The Review

I like how this powder looks on the face, but I do find it difficult to use. It comes in a container typical of loose powders, that has the holes on the top – I have always struggled with using these, so it’s more on me than on the product itself.

The powder is impressively natural looking and doesn’t leave your face looking ultra-dry matte, rather it leaves you with a smooth velvety finish.

Available here (R452 for 10g)


Isabella Garcia Kabuki Brush

Isabella Garcia Kabuki BrushThe Details

This is an ultra-soft Mineral Face Powder applicator. It’s origin story comes from Japan where it was used to apply rice powder to theatre actors. It’s designed to uniformly blend powdered make-up for a flawless and uniform finish.

The Review

I like the feel of the bristles, but the construction could be sturdier – the black piece on the holder side separated from mine before the first use. That aside, the brush pairs well with the Isabella Garcia mineral face powder and blends it into the skin very well.

Available here (R316)


The Victorian Garden Apricot Eye Makeup Remover

The Victorian Garden Apricot Eye Makeup RemoverThe Details

This makeup remover combines plant-based oils to produce a makeup remover that is effective at removing makeup while still being gentle and moisturising for skin. Using oil reduces pulling on the skin, and this combination of moisturising oils also prevents dryness in the delicate eye area. For more on the benefits of Apricot oil, read here.

The Review

This makeup remover has a very strong scent and oily feel which reminded me of tea tree oil. At first, I found myself surprised as I have been using micellar water for makeup remover for longer than I remember. Once I got used to the oily feel, I was incredibly impressed by how much more makeup and dirt it removed from my face. My face felt incredibly clean and the botanical ingredients were incredibly gentle on my skin, giving the feel that it was treating my skin at the same time.

Available here (R129 for 60ml)


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