A splurge is defined as “an act of spending money freely or extravagantly.” A splurge doesn’t have to be exorbitantly expensive. It just needs to feel a little extravagant. Like you’re spending it on something that’s not necessarily a necessity; or perhaps spending a little more on something that is a necessity for a better product or experience. During this month, themed “Money Matters”, we’re sharing the things we (and you) splurge on and why. First up, beauty splurges.


The beauty industry has exploded in recent years. The 3-step beauty plan program of my youth (Bless Clinique’s 3 step) has been replaced by a 12-step beauty plan which includes primers and peels and spot treatments and mists and more. Then there’s the beauty treatments, which have become more mainstream and more wellness. From micro needling, to face cupping, to face gym – there’s a treatment for every beauty quandary.


When I asked what your beauty splurges are, the responses weren’t filled with crazy products or treatments, just products and treatments that feel a bit more extravagant but well worth it.


My beauty splurge(s) consists of products that are a necessity – the foundation of a skincare routine – a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Ok maybe the toner isn’t a necessity. What makes them my splurge is that they’re not drugstore products and have the price tag to match.


I’m using the Esse range. A local, natural skincare range that uses probiotic extracts in its range of cleansers, toners, moisturizers and serums. After years of looking and trying different brands to find a skincare routine that worked for me, I discovered Esse. I’m using their gel cleanser, toner and either the nourish or deep moisturiser which altogether comes to around R1200. Their prices seem to be rising each time I get a refill (please stop), but it’s a worthwhile splurge. They’re great quality made with good ingredients. I like the way they feel and smell. Each product lasts between 3-6 months of daily use. Overall my skin looks good and I’d rather spend money making my skin look good than on trying to cover it up. Don’t get me wrong its not magical, I still break out and do use other products like spot treatments, peels and masks in addition to it (I told you 12 steps nowadays), but I like having a consistent skincare routine that works.


That’s me, here’s what some of you said…


Brazilian Hair Treatment. Managing my frizz is bliss! – Belinda


Non-surgical enhancements. I feel like they have a bigger impact than any topical treatments -Nikki


My skincare. I try to only buy cruelty free, high quality, natural products like Esse, Skin Creamery  and Dermalogica. As someone who had acne quite badly growing up and now has scarring and still has flare ups, what goes on (and into) my skin is important to me. I try to buy the best (in my own humble opinion) I can, wherever possible and do a lot of research into the products and their ingredients before investing in them. – Shirley


My natural face cleanser and a good quality sunscreen. I believe that you have to take care of your skin when you’re still young if you want to age well. – Mushkie


Fraxel Laser. I did it +- 9 years ago for pitted acne scars. They weren’t exceptionally deep but were quite red and I would never go anywhere without foundation on. I was told that the extent of the results wasn’t guaranteed, and it wouldn’t get rid of them completely but at the time it was the best choice of treatment. Even then it was quite expensive (I can’t remember the exact price, but I think it was between 1 to 2.5k per session. I had 3 spaced 6 weeks apart and had to buy new skincare products suitable for post recovery), but it truly was worth every cent. It reduced the size of the scars considerably and most notably it cured the redness. Although I can still see the scars especially in very harsh light, I am completely comfortable not wearing foundation over them. – Feige


I don’t often splurge on Beauty products as I am mostly a simple gal when it comes to hair and skincare. However, I do love a massage once in a while, and since I’ve been training for my first Half Marathon race, a spa day was in order. Recently after we had an 18km run, we booked a 60min massage at Life Day Spa which really helped with recovery for those sore muscles after training. I also didn’t mind paying the premium of R800 for the experience as we had access to the Spa’s facilities which included a steam room and rain room, and snacks. – Luci


Nivea, perfect radiance range. My cheap brand was discontinued, and my skin needs it. – Samantha


So what’s your beauty splurge? Let’s discuss.


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