This month we really got our reading groove back, reading more and publishing nine reviews. These four where the best books we read in May. 

1. No Life for a Lady by Hannah Dolby  

No Life For a Lady by Hannah Dolby
Recommended by Feige

I love when a novel has substance behind it. This adorable novel is an alternate book version to the Enola Holmes movies, expect the same loveable characters, sleuthing, an unexpected romance, and women who buck the system. 

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2. Homecoming by Kate Morton  

Homecoming by Kate Morton
Recommended by Zissy

Every now and then you read a book that leaves you feeling satisfied in a way only an exceptional book can. Homecoming was that for me. I was torn between wanting to stretch it out for as long as possible and racing through it to find a conclusion. In the end the racing won, and I stayed up way past midnight buried under my covers to finish it. Homecoming is a multi-generational mystery with a true crime feel that reveals itself layer by delicious layer. 

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3. The Hard Sell by Evan Hughes

The Hard Sell by Evan Hughes 
Recommended by Feige

This is one of the best investigative journalism books I’ve read. Evan Hughes tells the real-life story of Insys Therapeutics and its fentanyl-based painkiller that took wall street by storm before it all came crashing down, along with its founder and top executives. It’s told in storytelling format and whether or not pharmaceuticals are your interest, it will capture your attention.

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4. Thrive by Richard Sutton  

Thrive: 7 Powerful Resilience Skills we can learn from Champions
Recommended by Zissy

When I read the excerpt of Thrive coupled with the fact that the author is Richard Sutton, I knew it would be a favorite before I read it. I wasn’t disappointed. Sutton has the uncanny ability to explain concepts we think we know in a new way and provide practical tips that makes you want to change habits. Thrive is to resilience what The Stresscode is to stress. It will not only make you look at resilience differently, but it will also motivate you to make the changes needed to thrive and not just survive. 

Read the full review here

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