When it comes to exercise, a full workout that includes a warm-up, cool-down and proper sets is ideal, but not always is that possible. Not having time for a full on workout shouldn’t dissuade you from getting a quick burst of exercise in.

There’s the famed 7-minute workout, 5-minute workouts on the NTC app that require minimal time. But when even that seems like too much, why not do just one move? To make exercising easier for you, 6 personal trainers gave us their best exercise move – the move they consider the most important.

Read on to find out what these moves are, and next time all you can spare in a few minutes, pause and do a set of one of their go-to moves.


Bianca Koyabe, personal trainer & founder of @TrainwithBiancaK

6 Personal Trainers share their Best Exercise Move - Bianca Koyabe

The Lunge

The reason I find the lunge the most important move is because strong leg and glute muscles assist with the strength in your lower back. This in turn helps with your overall posture, which means you can avoid back aches and pains [that arise] because of weak muscles.

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Geoff Amess, Personal Trainer

6 Personal Trainers share their Best Exercise Move - Geoff Ames

The Barbell Front Squat

Whilst there are many extremely important movements and exercises in the gym, I am a huge fan of the barbell front squat and I view it as the best exercise for promoting good posture, form, movement, and strength. The exercise is performed with the barbell in front of the body, resting on the shoulders with elbows lifted up to parallel with the ground. From this position, the back is placed in a much more upright position allowing one to get far more depth and a better range of motion. There is less strain on the back and the knees. Due to the upright nature of the movement, the core is also engaged in a far greater way than with a conventional squat. This exercise is a must with almost any training program whether you want to build muscle, tone up, or just maintain your current figure.

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Candice Bodington, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Advisor

6 Personal Trainers share their Best Exercise Move - Candice Bodington

The Burpee

My go to is the burpee. I know most people cringe at the thought; however, it’s a full body movement that incorporates a high-intensity principle that increases your heart rate. This means you are focusing on full body strength and cardio exercises.

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Brendan Lombard, Elite Ultra Trail Runner, Personal Trainer & Coach

6 Personal Trainers share their Best Exercise Move - Brendan Lombard

The Knee Tuck with Barbell Russian Twist

My number one go to move for a strong core is the knee tuck with a Barbell Russian Twist.


To do it, lie in a semi supine position with the barbell placed to the right of your body. Perform a knee tuck and simultaneously bring the barbell up and over to the other side of your body returning to the semi supine position. That is one repetition. Perform 10 repetitions and increase as you get stronger with a minimum of 5 sets.

Remember to secure one end of the barbell or make sure you sit on a low bench.

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Alexandra Stevens, Personal Trainer & owner of The Space Yoga Fitness Studio

6 Personal Trainers share their Best Exercise Move - Alexandra Stevens

The Burpee 

My number one important move is most certainly the burpee. My personal addition to it with my yoga background is working in a downdog and chaturanga, if you do the burpee slowly. The Burpee a great all-rounder move, that gets your heart rate going, works the core, strengthens the lower back and upper body and best of all – It’s FUN! Now, go do ya burpees hey 😉

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Thobela Sitokwe, personal trainer

6 Personal Trainers share their Best Exercise Move - Thobela Sitokwe

The Squat 

My go to move is the squat because you work on a lot of muscles at one time. It also helps your balance.

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