What’s the best fitness purchase you’ve made? The thing you bought that you didn’t realise (or maybe you did) would make getting fit and doing exercise more enjoyable? The purchase that kick-started your fitness journey or took it to the next level. The purchase that may have seemed big but has given more to you than what you spent.


When I asked Feige, she unhesitatingly said her Nike leggings. I remember when she got them, because I was with her and had to sit through 5 legging changes until she pulled on the perfect pair. When I asked her why she said “They fit perfectly, are comfortable for any type of fitness or leisure activity, never slip, more or need adjusting and still look good after two years of wearing them almost every day. They were expensive but so worth it”.


When it comes to mine, I’m torn. It’s a tossup between my running shoes and my fitness watch. The first big (and best) fitness purchase I made was a pair of New Balance Vazee running shoes. I got them from a small running shop after running on a treadmill and watching my stride on a screen. I tried on a dozen pairs that day but fell in love with their bright yellow colour and light feel. At the time it felt excessive spending over R1000 on a pair of running shoes. But I ran them to the ground and having a running shoe that felt good and that I liked the look of made every run that much better. Since then I’ve made my way through countless New Balance Vazee running shoes, always in the brightest colour I can find – you look down so much when running, I like to look down and see something bright and colourful.


The second biggest purchase (years later I may add), was a Garmin running watch. It was something I’d wanted for years and finally took a deep breathe and swallowed the expense. It was worth every cent.  Along with my running shoes, it’s the thing that’s become my best fitness purchase. It makes speed runs more fun, getting daily steps (and vitality points) easier and helped me track time and progress during swimming.


A while back I threw out the question to you, wanting to know what the best fitness purchase (big or small) you’ve ever made was, here’s what you said…


Fitness Watches

“My Apple watch. It’s not the best fitness tracker but it just makes me want to push myself every day to do those steps. I have to make sure I do 10000 steps a day now.”



“My polar watch. It really helps me understand how hard I’m pushing and whether I just up my game or scale down. My running journey has definitely gotten better since having a GPS watch. It motivates me to move when I’m sitting for long hours too.”



“A Garmin Watch and a spinning class addiction.”

– Ronald Gall


“My running watch [Garmin 235]. It tracks runs with intervals, heart-rate zones, etc. Tracks walks, gym and swimming. Syncs easily with Garmin connect and Strava. It’s motivated me to try new exercises and push myself to keep on improving.”

– Natalie Mullany

Recovery Tools

“A foam roller and muscle soreness cream or gel. I got my foam roller at Mr Price Sports and it’s the best to help speed up muscle recovery and healing. I use Deep Heat products to help me recover, especially after a race or bigger event. They have bath gels, rubs, arnica massage oils. Their products are fantastic. And of course, Epsom Salts”.

– @themarieeveshow



“CrossFit shoes – Reebok Nano shoes that are geared for weightlifting, running, box jumps, rope climbs. It helps that they don’t slip easily during burpees and are not too heavy for runs but still have the right support for those heavy back squats”



“A pair of tights that fit without riding. The North Face, especially their Better than Naked range, and Kalenji from Decathlon. They’re Great for everything! I use them for running and gym. My thighs rub so I need a tight that covers them properly, or else I chafe!”

– Heloise Alexandra Hunter



“A bicycle. because I got on it, realised how much I loved it, stopped smoking and eating crap and found health, happiness and the great outdoors!! Oh, and made amazing friends too 🙌🏻.”

– Greg Judin.


Let’s discuss. What’s the best fitness purchase you’ve ever made.

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1 Comment
  • Loren
    March, 8, 2019

    Yes – I love my Apple Watch! But now I wish I got a Garmin because it’s more of a fitness watch and now that I’m more into my fitness (and not just steps!) it will be more useful and accurate. I need to invest in a pair of New Balance’s now … 🙂