Take good food, good wine multiply it and cram it into a large venue and you have a winning recipe called The Good Food & Wine Show.

This past weekend we joined thousands of South Africans at Africa’s largest culinary event. This year the show was themed ‘Fresh’ so we set out in search of the best healthy foodie finds.

Along our journey of weaving through exhibitor stands, we spent some time chatting to the organiser Maria Chieppa about the wellness trend being weaved into the culinary world.

“Wellness requires a total approach. Food affects your health. It can heal your body and your soul.”

Food ingredients have gone beyond feeding you to being used to enhance beauty (coconut oil), heal you (turmeric) and more. The Good Food and Wine Show aimed to teach consumers more about the origins of food and allow them to see the different ways food can be used.

As we made our way through walls of wine tastings (pencil shaving infused wine is a thing), tables of fresh herbs and produce we discovered some new and some old healthy food items in both the new wellness section as well as the general food area.

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The best Healthy Foodie Finds at the Good Food and Wine Show


  1. Igniter Juice 5 by Nurish Juice

5 Best Healthy Foodie Finds from the Good Food and Wine Show - Nurish Juice

We’ve spoken about Nurish before here so they’re not a new find but still one of our favourite healthy food items at the show. Owner Helanki is passionate about healthy living and changing people’s lives through providing 100% raw and cold pressed juices. The juice find has to be the Nurish Igniter Juice #5 which has beetroot, pineapple, apple, lemon and cinnamon. They call it the “brain booster”, but we’re all about the running benefits of drinking beet juice!

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  1. Chocolate Coconut Water by Raw C

5 Best Healthy Foodie Finds from the Good Food and Wine Show - Raw C Coconut Water

Made from Green coconuts in Thailand, Raw C’s range of coconut waters boast no added sugars , colours or preservatives. The protein and Cacao coconut water is a bit thicker than the others and has a light chocolate flavour. The protein comes from pea protein (making it vegan) and gives you 30% of your daily protein needs. It’s the perfect way to hydrate and still get a chocolate kick!

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3. Endulge Chocolate Coconut Bar by Atkins SA

5 Best Healthy Foodie Finds from the Good Food and Wine Show - Atkins Endulge Bar


Atkins South Africa provides low-carb and banting friendly snack bars, bread mixes, shakes and muesli. The Endulge chocolate coconut bar was one of the most popular, and for good reason. If you love Bounty Bars you’ll love these. They’re the healthier version with naturally occurring sugars and only 1.9g total sugar and 2.1g net carbs. They also have 3.1g protein per bar. They’re not meant as meal replacements but rather as a better alternative when you need something sweet.

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  1. Olive Snack Packs by The Olive Factory

5 Best Healthy Foodie Finds from the Good Food and Wine Show - The Olive Factory


The olive factory produces olive inspired goods from olive oils, to marmalades to patés. What caught our eyes was their little olive snack packs which make a great savoury snack or you can add it to some cheese, bread and grapes for a picnic cheese platter.

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  1. Red Wine Salt by Oryx Desert Salt

5 Best Healthy Foodie Finds from the Good Food and Wine Show - Oryx Desert SaltThe backstory of Oryx desert salt involved a 120km walk through the Nambian desert and an encounter with Oryx Gazella (gemsbok). Oryx Gazella can go 2 years without water but not 2 months without licking salt which is vital for its survival.

If you’re big on cooking or baking and always need just a pinch of salt, the Coarse salt in a cotton bag, or the chef’s salt like they call it is perfect – it’s packaged to allow to just get a pinch.

But if it’s an exotic salt you are after, the Oryx Wine Desert Salt is for you. It’s infused with Shiraz red wine which you can smell and they suggest using it in any dishes you’d normally add wine to.

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