Finding the best nude nail polish is like finding your perfect foundation. You’ve got to try hundreds before you hit gold.

The goods_

Catrice More Than Nude Nail Polish

The nail polish isle at Dischem is like a magnet for me. I’ve never seen a nude polish I didn’t want to try and 9.9/10 times I’m disappointed. The quest to find the best nude polish has been never ending. 

Until now.

Catrice More Than Nude Nail Polish is a range of nude nail polishes. They come in 10 shades to suit all skin tones. I’ve tried two: Peach for The Stars & Glowing Rose.

The results_

It was love at first brush! I love the mix of tint and sheer.  When it comes to a nude polish there are two things I hate: 

  1. Too sheer that no matter how many coats you paint it still appears clear.
  2. Too opaque looking nude polishes that apply like a solid color, eliminating the your-nail-but-better look. 

The colour tone shows best with 3 coats but even a single coat makes your nails look more polished. Peach For The Stars is the perfect peachy nude I was after & Glowing Rose is a beautiful pinky nude with the subtlest shimmer. 

In terms of wear, it’s not going to last like a gel especially if you wash a lot of dishes, but if you prep your nails well and finish off with a topcoat you can get 4-6 days of decent wear. Plus, because it’s a nude, when chips start to appear at the edges, they’re harder to see.

The sell_

Unless something better lands on my desk this is crowned the best nude nail polish and is the only nude polish I’m reaching for. I have already purchased both twice and gotten my sisters into them too. It’s also a great price.

Get it here, R88.95

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