Anyone who spends any amount of time in the kitchen (or around a hair iron) will know that inflicting minor burn wounds on yourself is inevitable. According to research, the best treatment for burns (and wounds) has not only been used in the Indian medicine system Ayurveda for years, but it is also sitting in your kitchen.


The ‘magic’ weapon in treating burns turns out to be Honey. Yes honey. Not just good for sweetening your tea or enhancing your baking efforts; honey is anti bacterial, anti-inflammatory, controls infection and promotes burn wound healing too.

So the next time you burn yourself or are present when someone else does, here’s the method for the best treatment for burns;


  1. Pour tap water immediately on the burn.

This cools the area


  1. Apply honey on the burn.

“Depending on the area, 15-30 ml of honey can be applied directly onto the burn wound or soaked in gauze before application.” You can then apply extra bandages to prevent the honey from oozing .


  1. Change the dressings when the honey is diluted by the fluid that seeps from the wound.

To get into the scientific nitty gritty details on why honey is effective in the treatment of burns, and how it works, scroll down to our sources below.


Do you have your own version of the best treatment for burns? Share in the comments below.


Sources: Topical Application of Honey for Burn Wound Treatment – an Overview, Honey: A Biologic Wound Dressing

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