You’ll remember the name Bob and Brad from our review of their Q2 mini massage gun. That nifty massage gun is our favourite travel companion (it’s a game-changer for dealing with tired muscles after long travel days and exploring new places). 

They’ve recently released a new mini massage gun, the Bob & Brad Air 2 mini massage gun. One of the most powerful mini massage guns on the market, it boasts a 12mm amplitude, giving you deep tissue relief. After receiving one to try out, we put it to the test, using it just about every day for the past two months. 


Deep Tissue Relief 

After the Bob & Brad Air 2 mini massage came in, the power of this little machine was the first thing we noticed. It was noticeably more powerful than the Q2 mini massage gun as well as a couple of other models we’ve tried. While it’s not as powerful as the Hyperice Hypervolt, it still gives you that deep tissue massage feeling. It has 3 speed settings, which also vary the level of intensity. Level 2 has been my sweet spot for instant muscle relief. 



Just like the Q2 mini massage gun, the Air2 mini massage gun comes in a beautiful hardcover zip case that fits all the attachments, charging cable and manual. Although it is bigger than the Q2 mini’s bag, it is compact enough to fit into a travel carryon suitcase making it perfect for travelling or taking with you to the gym for a post-workout recovery massage. More than making this convenient for travel, having a case that fits everything inside perfectly, makes it easy to store and keep neat. 


Easy charging & long battery

The massage gun charges with a USB-C charging port making it very versatile for on the go charging. You can stick it in your laptop or charging dock and not have to worry about travel adaptors. It also charges fast (180 minutes for a full charge). I used it for over a week, straight out of the box before needing to charge it and that charge lasted over a month of daily use. Like the Q2, it has an auto-off timer, which turns it off after 10 minutes to prevent overheating. If you’re not done with your session, you simply turn it back on with no waiting time. 



At 541 grams it is lightweight for its size and power, which is great if you’re travelling (and are counting your grams). In comparison, the Hyperice Hyerpervolt is 675 grams and the Q2 Mini is 439 grams. It has a triangular shape, which differs from the classic massage gun shape which is more L shaped with a handle. This has no handle, instead you hold it by its side. While it’s touted as an ergonomic design, I found it uncomfortable and unergonomic. I much prefer the handle design which is easier to grip and feels more secure. Important to note is that my hands are small – I asked a friend with a bigger build and hands to try it out and he found it a comfortable fit. If you have small hands, you may want to opt for a massage gun with a handle instead. 


Five massage attachments

It comes with 5 attachments for different areas of the body. My go-to attachments are the standard ball which works well on every area, the air cushion, ideal for the back or bony areas and the bullet which is my go to for getting deep into my hips. If I had to pick 2 attachments, it would always be a flat and point. 

So, is it worth it?

The Bob & Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun is one of the best priced massage guns out there at $89.99 (and we have a 10% discount code for you!). It has all the features you need in a massage gun – power, multiple attachments and a long battery life. The only drawback for me is the shape, which I’m not a fan of. If, however, you prefer the triangular massage guns, this would be a good choice. 

Get it here, $89.99 

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