Over the past year we have come to love Bob and Brad massage guns. We’ve tested and reviewed the Q2 mini massage gun and  Air 2 Mini Massage Gun and still use both.

When we saw the C2 Pro Massage gun comes with Heat + Ice functionality, we had to try it. It’s the coolest looking massage device we have ever seen and it’s one of the pro versions making it more powerful than the minis. Massage guns with heat and ice capabilities appear to be the latest innovation in massage gun offerings, and we’re here to tell you what all the buzz is about.


Heat + Ice Massage Head 

I have to start with the standout feature of this massage gun – the Heat + ice massage head. It is shaped like a cylinder with a smooth, flat metallic base, and it fits into the massage gun body as easily as any of the other attachments.

There are two buttons which control the temperature settings, with a side vent which emits a very low fan whir when the cold setting is on. It seamlessly changes temperature from off to hot to cold to off in a manner of seconds. The only thing that requires practice is turning it off – it took me a while to figure out that long press turns it completely off.

In terms of feel, the head on its own is magical. It is what makes the C2 Pro my favourite massage gun. I love the hard flat smoothness which works so nicely on every muscle group, and the metallic surface makes it easy to glide over any clothing. Some of the rubbery attachments don’t glide nicely over clothes. 


That being said, the hot and cold functions do require you to massage directly on skin, through clothes you cannot feel them. If the heat or cold that emitted was powerful enough to be felt through thick clothes, I would worry about burns so I think they get the temperatures just right. On direct skin contact, although subtle they are both effective and soothing. 

The hot function has two levels indicated with an orange and red LED light. These two colours toggle between 40 & 45 degrees Celsius (104-113  degrees Fahrenheit). I love this setting for niggles, it has been especially helpful for my upper back/shoulder area which I recently pulled during an ice skating spin gone wrong – the next day the niggle was gone. It feels like a combination of having a massage and a warm epsom salts bath.

The cold function also has two levels indicated with a green and blue LED light. These two toggle between 10 & 15 degrees Celsius (50-59  degrees Farenheit). I love this setting post long runs, and it would be incredible post endurance events/races. Although I haven’t run any races lately, getting into an icy swimming pool post marathon used to be my first step towards recovery. I would then use a rolling pin to run over the muscles (this was before massage guns were a thing). The cold setting on the C2 Pro would be the slicker combo version of this ritual and I can’t wait to try it after my next race.


Power & Stall Force 

This is a pro version and you can really feel it. It is weightier than the other massage guns we have tried but this doesn’t make holding it difficult. In fact, the handle is very ergonomic and the rubbery finish feels velvety to the touch. In terms of handling, I much prefer it to the Air 2 Mini Massage Gun. It has 5 speed settings, which you can toggle between with the power button and the number setting shows on a beautiful LED display – also something our other devices don’t have.

What particularly interested me is that during massages, there is a ring around the LED display area which changes colour. It goes from blue to green to yellow to orange to red. I knew it wasn’t just for show so I referenced the user manual. The colours are a nifty display of stall force. Stall force, which I learned for the first time, is how much force can be applied on the motor before it stalls. The more powerful a massage gun, the more force that can be applied without it stopping. The more force, the deeper the massage. The C2 Pro can handle up to 15KGF/ 33lbs. I have never noticed this information attached to a massage gun before and don’t see it listed in the manuals of the other Bob & Brad massage guns we have tried, which speaks to its Pro title.


Separate Charging Functions

Like the other models, The C2 Pro massage gun also charges with a USB-C charging port. The Heat + Ice massage head requires power but it isn’t connected to the body’s power supply – the body and head both have their own ports, allowing you to still use other attachments if the head’s power is flat. 

Like the others, the C2 Pro charges fast (180 minutes for a full charge) and lasts well. It also features the auto-off timer, which turns it off after 10 minutes. When it is left at level 0, it automatically shuts off after 20 inactive seconds.

The Heat + Ice head takes 210 minutes to get to full charge and also has its own automatic timer of 10 minutes.


Carrying Case

Every Bob & Brad massage gun comes in a signature Bob & Brad carrying case. Aside from the quality of the massage guns, this carrying case is why I would always choose Bob & Brad as my massage gun brand. The grooves on the one side are perfectly moulded to fit the body and every attachment and the pocket on the other fits the charging cable and user manual. It makes storing the device incredibly neat. You never have to worry about losing the attachments and it makes travelling with it a breeze. Given the size of this one, I would still choose the Q2 mini massage gun for travelling.


LED display

The C2 Pro has LED displays for the speed level, stall force and hot and cold functions as already mentioned, but it also has an LED battery indicator at the bottom. 4 circles indicate a full charge, whereas 1 indicates 25%. During charging these lights flicker, and once they turn off you know the device is fully charged. The Heat + Ice head also indicates low charge by flashing.


Five Massage Heads

The C2 Pro also comes with 4 additional massage heads, so you’re getting the best of all worlds with this device. There is the U-Shaped head, the ball head, the air cushioned head and the bullet head. It does also come with extra rubber sleeves. I’ve been so in love with the Heat + Ice head that I find myself choosing it over the others, for everything – but it’s nice to have options.


So, is it worth it?

The Bob & Brad C2 Pro Heat + Ice Massage Gun is my personal favourite massage gun. It’s sleek, it’s powerful and even though the hot and cold functions are subtle, I really love the shape and feel of that massage head whether the temperature setting is on or not. It also gives you great value for money, coming with all the other heads you may want to use, all packed compactly in their classic cases. It retails for only $109.99, which is roughly R2000 (and we have a 10% discount code for you!). If you’re looking for a massage gun that packs a punch, this is it.

Get it here, $109.99

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