Body Kind is an athleisure range by Lisa Raleigh that celebrates and empowers women to feel confident at all stages and ages. The Body Kind Sports Bra epitomizes the brand ethos with its adjustable and support features which earned it the most supportive sports bra we’ve ever tried and literally supports women through every stage and age.


A sports bra is one of the most important and hardest purchases when it comes to fitness. You need good support which can fluctuate due to changes in weight, body shape and even your cycle which all affect the fit you want on any given day.


The Body Kind Sports Bra (R999) is fully customizable, allowing you to adjust the sizing both across the straps and around your chest. The zip in the front allows you to keep your strap sizing and is a great feature for breastfeeding. It is a high impact bra, lightly padded and comes in four colors.


We’ve been trying the Body Kind Supportive Sports Bra in Copper Rust over the past month. Putting it through its paces for runs, strength workouts, yoga and trialing wearing it all day long.


Body Kind Supportive Sports Bra in Copper Rust

First Impressions

The initial impression was that it is very supportive and very smart. The adjustable straps at the top are genius; they make it very easy to adjust it to your shoulders and the Velcro-like flap is completely different to the traditional way a bra strap adjusts. It is also extremely secure and doesn’t feel like it will loosen. It really adjusts nicely to your unique body metrics. The zip in front makes it easier to put on and pull off after a sweaty workout. It also ensures that you don’t have to readjust the straps each time you put it on. The zip is also a great feature for breastfeeding moms.



There is a really good sizing chart on the product pages that allows you to find your size, plus a video showing how to accurately measure yourself. Sizing starts at small and goes up to 5XL and we both found the sizing to be accurate. However, if you fall between two sizes we’d suggest going for the smaller size.



It is the most supportive sports bra and makes you feel incredibly supported and “locked in” – nothing moves. Overall, it is comfortable, however the Velcro straps and the bottom of the zip do sometimes feel like they’re rubbing against your skin – especially if you’re doing moves on the floor or an arm workout where your arms are moving around a lot.


Best for

High impact workouts. We both found it best for running or high intensity workouts where there is a lot of jumping around as it provides great support. For strength work or yoga, we found it too constrictive and didn’t like the feeling of the straps while lying down, doing sit-ups or bench presses. However, for larger busted women it may feel more comfortable and supportive. Because of the level of support, it would also be a great bra to wear right before or during your period when your breasts can be more sensitive.


The Body Kind Supportive Sports Bra is available here (R999)

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