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Bounce Fit Rebound trampoline exercise classes are part of trampoline park Bounce Inc offerings. They’re one-hour structured exercise classes that involve both high intensity and low intensity cardio workouts.


There are three different classes which focus on different muscle groups – Bounce Move (cardio and core fitness for a full body workout), Bounce Blast (cardio and strength blasts for a high intensity interval training workout) and Bounce Core (low-impact, challenging exercises that focus on strength over aerobic activity). In addition, at their Menlyn and Fourways branches they offer a Blast Extreme Class which includes an obstacle course (and plenty of upper body) training. We tried out each class.



There are Bounce Fit locations in Waterfall, Fourways, Menlyn Maine and Cornubia. We tried the Bounce Fit classes in Fourways and Waterfall.

Peruse before you Move: Bounce Fit Review


R80 per class


Discount Deals

Bounce offers a Bounce Fit Unlimited 30 day pass for R695 which gives you unlimited access during 30 days to as many classes as you want (reducing the cost per class to R40) it also allows you to bring a friend for free every Wednesday.



They have restrooms as well as lockers – both with locks (bring your own or rent) and open lockers to store shoes and valuables. However, we noticed most people at the Bounce Fit classes kept their stuff in the area we worked out in. They also have a tuckshop, but we didn’t spot any healthy options there.



Come in workout clothing that are comfortable, easy to move in and fitted – you’ll be jumping a lot so don’t wear loose pants you can trip on and keep in mind loose tops may move more than you want them to. Takkies are optional – some people wore them, others like us opted to wear the Bounce grip socks which you can purchase for R30 and re-wear each time you come.


Good for beginners?

Beginners can go, but we’d suggest having a base cardio fitness and some knowledge of basic workout moves. The classes were mostly full on for the hour, so you need to be able to do cardio for an hour at a moderate to high intensity. In addition, as most of the class is done on trampolines, it makes some moves even harder, so you need to be familiar with how to do them to make it easier to follow the class.



The instructors in all classes were very welcoming, friendly and helpful. Most Bouncers kept to themselves. However, In the Bounce Fit Move Extreme class, the actual class was a lot friendlier – there was more of a social feel with people happy to wait for others and share tips. Everyone helped each other and cheered each other on during the obstacle course.



The smallest class was 6 people and the largest 12.


Male / female

The classes were dominated by women but there were men in some of the classes especially the Bounce Move Extreme, which also had an older crowd.



Moderately sweaty, you’ll want to shower after, but you don’t leave dripping! In winter wear layers that you can peel off as you warm up.

Peruse before you Move: Bounce Fit Review

The Classes

I was happy to discover that all the classes were different, while they shared some similarities the moves and intensity levels were not repetitive.


The first class we tried was Bounce Fit Move. It started with a warm up off the trampoline which involved a series of walking lunges and leg kicks. The class then moved to the trampolines where we started a series of warm up bouncing moves like straight jumps, star jumps. Within 15 minutes of the class starting, the intensity picked up and we did fast paced moves all on the trampoline. It was loads of fun, I had a smile on my face throughout but it took work to get through the class. Especially for moves that required coordination – trying to coordinate your limbs while bouncing is harder than the instructors make it look! We got 30 second water breaks every 10 – 15 minutes and ended the class with some stretches. It was the most cardio intensive class of the bunch. We walked out the class literally bouncing!

Peruse before you Move: Bounce Fit Review

Next up we did the Bounce Fit Core Class. It started with warmups much like the Bounce Fit Move class, moving on to the trampoline for some warmup jumping moves. Our instructor Mos, then set up stations which included weights, angled crunches and sit-ups, box jumps and pushing a huge foam block across the floor.


Everyone in the class started at a station and we rotated them every minute until we completed the full round. We then moved on to a series of high intensity mountain climbers, scissor kicks, backward jump squats and step ups and ended off with some stretches. Once again, we had 60 second water breaks every 10-15 minutes. The moves were much more core focused and a little more complex than the Move class and I left feeling my shoulders and ab muscles burning.

The third class, the extreme class, was my favourite out of all the bounce Fit classes. The time seemed to move faster even though we had fewer breaks, it was the most challenging, varied and well rounded. We began on the trampolines with a warm up that included push-ups (which on a trampoline are hard!) and loads of squat jumps.


We then moved to an open area where our instructor Nhlanhla had us doing a series of sprint intervals with push-ups and somersaults.

From there, it was onto the obstacle course. The regulars went ahead, trying to get through it as fast as possible to beat their best times. Nhlanhla stayed back with the newcomers to explain each obstacle and give us tips and show us the right technique to get through them all. The obstacles involved jumping, climbing over obstacles, up nets and using ropes. There were balance beams, monkey bars, trampolines and an obstacle which involved jumping off a ledge into a bouncing pit. I don’t do jumping off things well and was, to be honest, too scared to jump. Which only means I need to go back to conquer my fear.

Once we reached the end we stretched it out for a few minutes.

Not only was the group incredibly friendly and helpful, cheering each other on and showing you how to do the moves, Nhlanhla had plenty of patience and made a point of not just showing you what to do, but explaining the technique behind each move. It was also the most challenging, used the most muscle groups and allows you to challenge yourself to either go faster through the course or master the moves you’re afraid of.


Peruse before you Move: Bounce Fit Review

The last class was the Bounce Blast. Once again, we started with the usual warmup of lunges and kicks and then moved to the trampolines for a series of high intensity moves using both leg muscles (star jumps, squats, split jumps), shoulders and arms (commandos, push up variations) and abs (bicycles, sit ups, mountain climbers). Afterwards we split into stations that included both weighted exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls as well as moves on on the trampolines. The third part involved sprinting over a trampoline and through the pit with pushups and situps in between. We finished off with stretches. The class was tough and plenty fun, but I did prefer the other 3 to this one.


Overall Bounce Fit classes are FUN, challenging and give you a great workout. They’re a fun way to move your body and get in a really good sweat while having fun.

Tips to Know Before class

Bring along a bottle of water and keep it near you, you’ll want it whenever you get a short water break. Arrive 20 minutes before class to allow time to check in.

Should anyone avoid Bounce Fit?

If you have back problems I’d caution against going to BounceFit, the jumping can aggravate your back and some of the moves can tweak your neck/back/spine. In fact, I felt the after effects in my back the most over the days following classes, so if you have a history of back issues rather choose something else.


For more details on Bounce Fit and to book a class head here


Peruse before you Move: Bounce Fit Review


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