When you live in ‘the now’, you’re always capable. When you try to live in the future, you’re helpless because you are not equipped now to know the future.

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Simon Mundie was a sports reporter for BBC 1. A role that allowed him to be pitchside at some of history’s biggest sporting events including the Olympics, Wimbledon and World Cup games. Through interviewing dozens of sporting legends as well as psychologists, philosophers and thinkers, Simon has gathered the tools that athletes embraced to become champions. In Champion Thinking he explores 8 universal themes that are highlighted by sport that have nothing to do with winning and trophies, but rather emotional intelligence, flow and acceptance.

Book Club Notes


Champion Thinking is the sport lover’s self improvement book. Simon’s knowledge and love of sports comes through strongly throughout the book. As someone who is not a big sports person, he lost me more than once in his recollections of games. While the focus on sports history turned this into a book I didn’t love, the lessons he imparts are valuable. I found it incredible that he took sports – and guys that are seen as tough and strong – and dug deeper to reveal emotions, insecurities and the real work it takes to win, not only on the field but in your personal life. To have topics like mental health and emotional intelligence discussed in the same chapter as Rugby wins is refreshing and I am sure for many will be relatable. 

How to Conquer a Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking is something that most of us, no matter what we do, will have to face – be it a work presentation, a speech or a toast. And for most, it is something that elicits feelings of nervousness and even dread. 

In Champion Thinking, Simon Mundie shares advice from rugby player Henry Fraser on conquering public speaking. Fraser was paralysed from neck down after diving headfirst in the Mediterranean Sea whilst on holiday with friends. The accident put a shocking halt to his rugby career and after a long journey of rehabilitation he found a love for art, becoming an artist. He also gives motivational talks, something that scares him. To overcome this, he employs the simple advice the Chief Executive of Saracens gave him ahead of his first ever talk.

This advice was simple: Remember the talk isn’t for you – it’s for the audience. Instead of focusing inwards and worrying about how you will be perceived, shift your focus on the people listening. This simple shift takes the pressure off and makes it easier to step into uncomfortable situations. 

Read If


You love sports – this book revolves heavily around sports and if you love sports and have an interest in mental health and self improvement this book is for you.



Readability – 7/10
Writing – 6/10
Applicability – 7/10
Timelessness – 7/10
Shareability – 6/10
6.0Overall Score

The Nitty Gritty


Published by: Bloomsbury Publishing, distributed by Jonathon Ball 

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help

ISBN: 978-15266-2645-5

Pages: 212

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