But not any juice, it must be cold-pressed juice, raw and preferably organic.  Cold what? Traditional methods use fast-spinning blades to tear apart produce, which by adding heat – exposes ingredients to air and cuts down the nutrients.


Cold-pressed juice is made by machines that extract juice by pressing and grinding fruits and vegetables with no heat and very little exposure to air. The resulting juice is more nutrient packed than its traditional counterpart.


If it feels like you’re seeing cold-pressed juice everywhere, you’re not alone, they are (almost) everywhere. Taking the place of smoothies as the health foodies drink of choice, they’ve been touted as helping you detox, cleanse and shed weight. Not to mention that one bottle of juice contains more produce than a fresh salad would, helping you get more fruits and vegetables in in a very easy way.


Whether you’re looking to do a juice cleanse, or just incorporate juices into your diet, there are an increasing number of businesses that will deliver fresh cold-pressed juice to your doorstep.


We’ve done the legwork for you and picked 4 companies around South Africa that are turning fresh produce into nutrient packed drinks, providing information and guidance on cleanses and delivering it to your door.


Read below for more details on Bliss Juicery, Nurish, Juice Revolution and Juiced Co including what you should know before you buy and our top flavour picks!


1. Bliss Juicery

cold-pressed juice


Based in Craighall, Johannesburg, Bliss Juicery offers a range of freshly made cold-pressed juices, almond milks, detox shots and homemade vegan and paleo friendly snacks.

If you’re into juice fasts they offer three different cleanses (one day, three days or five days) suited to both juicing beginners and advanced juicers.


What we Love about Bliss Juicery

Unlike others, Bliss Juicery does not blast freeze their juices, as they want to deliver the freshest and healthiest juices possible and believe that by not freezing their juices, you are getting the highest nutrient content possible.

Juices are delivered to your door the day after they’re pressed and for those doing a 5 day cleanse you’ll get two deliveries. It’s like having a personal juicing chef who’s cold-pressing juice as you need it.

Their juices contain both fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices and some superfood which naturally contain healing ingredients like ginger, mint, turmeric and Camu.


What You Should Get

Almond Milk

cold-pressed Almond MilkFreshly made almond milk is hard to come by and Bliss juicery offers a variety of flavours (cocoa, chai, vanilla). We love the vanilla almond milk over home-made granola and fruit for breakfast

Tropical 2

cold-pressed juice Bliss JuceiryThis is one for those with a bit of a sweet tooth as the pineapple adds loads of natural sweetness to the cucumber, coconut and lime for a tropical tasting juice.

Earth 1

cold-pressed juice Bliss JuceiryBright orange, this carrot, apple, parsley, lime and ginger juice is like a boost of energy in a bottle.

Greens 3

cold-pressed juice Bliss JuceiryMost green juices tend to be bitter and taste just a tad too green for our liking, Bliss Juice’s Greens 3 juice which contains Kale, Spinach, Cos Lettuce, Parsley, Cucumber, Celery, Apple and Lemon is incredibly light, refreshing and just the right amount of sweet.

Melon 1

cold-pressed juice Bliss JuceiryThis is a seasonal flavour so it won’t always be available, so we suggest getting it while it’s still summer! The combination of watermelon, mint, ginger and camu is bliss on a hot summer’s day.

Bliss Shots

cold-pressed juice Bliss ShotsBliss’s 50ml shots are intense and intended to give you an immune and energy boost – which they do! The Awaken which contains lemon, honey and ginger would be perfect for when you feel a cold or flu coming on and the Antioxidant one with pomegranate and Ginger is great for your skin. They also have a detox shot containing activated charcoal, coconut water and ginger – if you’re looking to try the benefits of charcoal (definitely only for the brave). You won’t taste the charcoal (ginger is the strong flavour) but it leaves your mouth feeling chalky.


Before you get them…

As Bliss Juices does not blast freeze their juice, they’ll last only 3 days in the fridge once they arrive at your door. Once you open them, make sure to drink it within a day, preferably within an hour or two to maximise nutrient intake.

If you’re going for a Bliss Shot, take them in two big glugs as their flavours are incredibly intense (you may want some water or juice on the side).

They’re currently only available in Johannesburg


Where to Find Them

Order them online here for delivery within a 15km radius of their Craighall store.

The Bliss Juicery Store, Colony Centre, Ground Floor, 345 Jan Smuts Ave, Johannesburg

For more information visit: http://www.blissjuicery.co.za/

2. Nurish

Cold-pressed juice


Started with the aim of helping South African’s achieve their best level of health, Nurish juices are 100% Raw and 100% Fresh Pressed.

Nurish focuses on cleanses with their three day revitalise cleanse, five day Excavation Cleanse and their incredibly popular four day weight loss cleanse. They also offer lifestyle and booster packs for those who just want to incorporate juices into their diets.


What we Love about Nurish

They’re great for those who want to undertake a juice cleanse, as they do focus on cleanses, they have a lot of information on how to prepare for a cleanse and why you should cleanse which will help guide you.

Nurish juices come in tall, slim bottles that are not only great looking, they’ll also fit easily into small freezers and fridges.

Their juices contain a combination of simple but nutrient rich fruits and vegetables.


What You Should Get

1 The Green Booster

Cold-pressed juice NurishThis green juice is very mild in flavour but quenches your thirst thanks to the hydrating powers of cucumber which is added along with celery, apple and lemon.

3 Rectifying Roots

Cold-pressed juice NurishBeet juice is well known for its health benefits (some claim it helps you run faster) and this combination of beets, carrots, lemon, apple and ginger root minimises the strong earthy flavour of beets for a slightly sweet and well balanced beet flavour.


2 The Revitalizer

Cold-pressed juice NurishPineapple, Apple, Gingerroot, Lemon and Mint make up this lemonade tasting juice. It’s delicious and the ginger and mint come through strong.

7 The “C” Eraser

Cold-pressed juice NurishThis juice is a delicious Vitamin C bomb, and exactly what you need when you’re a bit run down. It contains Grapefruit, Apple, Carrot and Lemon and has a great citrus flavour.

Before you get them

Once they’ve defrosted, Nurish Juices will last 3 days in the fridge. Once you’ve opened them drink within a day.

If you’re new to juicing start with their lifestyle pack which lets you choose 10 juices, so you can start with the flavours you are more likely to enjoy.


Where to Find Them

Order them online here, they deliver anywhere in South Africa.

Vida e stores countrywide

Tashas Morningside and Nelson Mandela Square

Through Zombie Chefs

For more information visit http://www.nurish.co.za/


3. Juice Revolution

Cold-pressed juice


Based in Somerset West in The Western Cape, Juice Revolution was founded by Fiona Stander after discovering the power of juicing and wanting to share her family’s passion for selecting the finest produce, extracting the juice in the gentlest way to create nourishing juices.

They offer a huge array of products – a total of 80 recipes including juices, wheatgrass shots, soups and smoothies. Like others, they offer three, five and seven day juice cleanses, and have an athletic range of juices and smoothies which contain added proteins for recovery.


What We Love About Juice Revolution

Founder, Fiona Stander has enrolled for an internationally recognised Natural Juice Therapy Certificate, so the information and juices you receive are well thought out and nutritionally sound.

Juice Revolution Blast Freeze the juices which means that they last longer (up to three months in the freezer).  This is incredibly convenient for those who want to keep some juices on hand for when the mood strikes.

There are debates around freezing vs serving fresh, but blast freezing juices (they freeze within two hours) immediately after producing them, locks in the freshness and prevents contamination.

Juice Revolution uses organic produce in their juices, smoothies and soups.


What You Should Get

As Runners we naturally gravitate towards the Athlete Range of juices and smoothies which contain added protein making them perfect fuel to enjoy after a workout or as a recovery snack/meal. Each bottle also tells you when it’s best to consume the beverage.


Level Up Smoothie

Cold-pressed Smoothie Juice RevolutionIngredients include Yoghurt, banana, blueberries, sesame seeds, almonds, brazil nuts, dates, vanilla extract. This smoothie is creamy with a slight crunch from the nuts and incredibly satisfying thanks to the protein from the yogurt, nuts and seeds. Take it out the freezer before a workout and have it after as a recovery meal or snack.

Muscle Memory Smoothie

Cold-pressed Smoothie Juice RevolutionA powerhouse smoothie, this contains Apple, avocado, spinach, pineapple, hemp protein powder, spirulina powder. It’s creamy, easy to drink, with no one flavour overpowering the others. It’s also a very satisfying smoothie which would work well after a workout or instead of a meal.

Lift it Fruit Juice Smoothie

Cold-pressed Smoothie Juice RevolutionThinner than a smoothie, but thicker than a juice this drink contains Apple, pineapple, banana, tahini paste, yoghurt, honey. It’s sweet and if you’re a halva lover, you’ll adore this creamy drink.

Ignite Juice

Cold-pressed Smoothie Juice RevolutionThe strongest flavour that comes through is the lemon, but there’s apple, celery and cucumber in it as well. It’s really good, like gulp the whole bottle down good.

Toughen Up Smoothie

Cold-pressed Smoothie Juice RevolutionThis contains Apple, avocado, pineapple, banana and spirulina powder. There’s a strong banana smell and flavour, but the apple and pineapple tone it down to create an almost tropical-like smoothie.

The Orchard

Cold-pressed Juice Juice RevolutionA pure apple juice, this contains one ingredient – apples. It would be a great replacement for kids juice boxes. It’s natural, contains no preservatives or additives and comes in a small kid friendly bottle.

Before you get them

Once they’ve defrosted, Juice Revolution Juices will last 3 days in the fridge.

They last 3 months frozen, though every bottle has an expiration date on it making it easy to keep track of.

Some of their smoothies contain dairy, but if you don’t eat dairy let them know and they’ll replace that ingredients with a dairy free alternative

Where to get them From

Order them online here, they deliver anywhere in South Africa as well as to Namibia.

The Juice Revolution Juice Bar in De Warenmarkt, Stellenbosch

Retailers including Sea Point Spar, Hout Bay Super Spar, Beacon Ilse Kwikspar, Kraaibosch Spar Express, Imibala Restaurant and Deli in Somerset West, Stelkor Kampus Pharmacy in Stellenbosch

For more information visit http://juicerevolution.co.za/


4. Juiced Co.

Cold-pressed juice

Created by a group of friends, Juiced Co was started with the intention of providing long term sustainable choices which are simple and convenient, allowing you to live your best life.They offer juices, soups and shots which you can get as monthly boxes or opt to do a cleanse.


What We Love about Juiced Co

They consult dietician, Ashleigh Caradas for nutritional advice. She assists with the recipes, nutritional information and is happy to answer customer questions.

Juiced Co is committed to sustainability and as such only makes small batches of juice to order. This means nothing is wasted.

The flavours! Juiced Co manages to create juices that have the perfect balance of sweet and good for you. Any juice containing broccoli that tastes delicious is a winner


What You Should Get


Cold-pressed Juice Juiced CoThis is a great choice for beginners. If you want to try a green juice but are nervous about taste, go with dare. It contains celery, cucumber, kale, spinach, parsley, lemon and apple. The lemon and apple come through to create a light and refreshing tasting green juice that you’ll be able to swig down.


Cold-pressed Juice Juiced CoA nut milk juice, this contains almonds, cashews, cinnamon, vanilla, water and Himalayan salt. It tastes like cinnamon almond milk and is a nice change to produce juices.


Cold-pressed Juice Juiced CoMuch like its name, this juice makes you happy by drinking it. It contains apple, lemon, pineapple and mint and is madly delicious, like tropical lemonade!


Cold-pressed Juice Juiced CoA better fit for those who are already into green juices, this juice contains pineapple, cucumber, spinach, pear, broccoli and ginger. It smells very green, but has a strong ginger flavour. It’s the best tasting juice that has broccoli as an ingredient that we’ve tasted!


Cold-pressed Juice Juiced CoEnergy boosting and a flu killer, this is a little Vitamin C bomb in a bottle. It contains orange, grapefruit, lemon and ginger and has a delicious citrus taste.

Before you get them

Once they’ve defrosted, Juiced Co Juices will last 3 days in the fridge. Once you’ve opened them drink within a day.

Don’t like juice? Try their soup’d range of fresh soups!

Where to get them From

Order online here, they deliver anywhere in South Africa.

The Juiced Co. Shop, 155 Smit Street, Braamfontein

Jacksons Real Food Market, Bryanston on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

For more information visit  http://juicedco.co.za/

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