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If you’re the average women, who wears makeup and removes it every night, in a year you’d go through an average of 365. And that’s not counting the pads you use to remove nail polish. In November 2019, Courtney Patrick launched Daily Peach. A beauty company that makes and sells washable and reusable makeup removal and toning pads.


Daily Peach makes both cotton and bamboo makeup removal and toning pads which are all individually crocheted. Originally by Courtney alone, but now as part of her initiative to teach creative skills to those seeking employment, she has a team of nine ladies from Hout Bay who do the crocheting. Once they’ve been crocheted, Courtney sews the labels on, washes them, labels them and packs them in her flat; where she then sells them directly through her online store or through various stockists including The Refillery, Restock and other eco-conscious stores.


Her goal with Daily Peach, Courtney says is to “reduce waste in the cosmetics sector and teach creative skills to those seeking employment. What makes us excited are the little things, especially those that make a big difference to our environment”.


Bio Daily Peach

Courtney Patrick


How old is the business?

Daily Peach in its current form launched on the 20th of November 2019.


What inspired you to start Daily Peach?

Wanting to make a difference in plastic use and create jobs locally.


What has been your favourite part of starting and running Daily Peach?

Creating the look and feel of the product, website and brand. I did most elements myself so there is definitely room for development, but I think the balance between beauty and eco-friendly is good.


What has been the most challenging part?

Managing people other than myself has been a new challenge. I did lots of planning and forecasting before [I started] but none for manufacturing. There are a lot more moving parts.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten?

Something along the lines of jumping in and getting going while others are still planning (sorry Tim, I probably butchered it). If I’d waited until I was 100% happy with everything I’d still be hesitating and adjusting. I am a total obsessive so taking the leap was very important.


What is the number one thing everyone can do to reduce their own waste?

One of my first switches was to refillable or bar shampoo and conditioner, this was simple for me as my hair is quite “normal”. I do understand that this isn’t realistic for everyone. In the home, the easiest would be avoiding convenience and planning for minimal amounts of food wastage. Muscle building to chop a butternut is fresher and less wasteful than buying chopped.


Can you explain your spekboom initiative and what it means for a company to be carbon negative?

I’ve been a spekboom obsessive for about 5 years, I could probably now be called a plant fanatic, but the passion started with the easy to grow spekboom. After filling most pot plants at my parents and then moving out of home, my original came with and now has literally hundreds of “offspring”. We’ve planted almost 70 since the 20th of November last year.


Recycling and emission reduction has always been a big part of my life. My grandparents were recycling since before I was born so it’s always been natural to take action. I understand that all the machinery, electricity and deliveries running up to a sale of one of our tins has an impact and I’d like to do my best to mitigate it. Just because we are reducing plastic waste and the need for non-reusable cotton (a very water intensive crop) doesn’t mean our responsibility stops there.


What’s the difference between your cotton and bamboo pads and who should use what?

Ideally, you’d have both. The cotton can be used on eyes, but I find it a total rockstar at removing long wear foundation and liquid lipsticks. The cotton is also slightly exfoliating while the bamboo is seriously soft, so it is gentler on the eye area. I use the cotton to cleanse off my foundation and long wear lipsticks, coconut oil and the bamboo pads to remove my eye makeup and then tone with the bamboo. In total this is three pads, which is impressive when compared to the number of disposable cotton rounds needed.


How long do your reusable pads last?

This is a tough question, I’ve had many of mine for over two years and they’re still in perfect shape. I’d say easily 200 washes, a length of time will always change depending on how many you have in rotation.


What is your daily beauty routine?

My skin is very sensitive but predictable, so it’s really not rocket science. I once used a facewash friends were raving about and broke out badly, I’m now very cautious about adding in new products.

Morning: Lush Toothy Tabs, Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash, Body Shop Tea Tree Toner, Moontree Facefood. Plus, my makeup or BB Cream and mascara.

Evening: Lush Toothy Tabs, Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash, Body Shop Tea Tree Toner, Moontree Facefood.


Current Beauty Obsession

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. It’s saved many a smoky eye. I totally believe the stories about girls being in car accidents and going home from hospital with a full face intact. Look here for a good laugh.


Current Food obsession

Not a meal but the Chipotle Mayo from That Mayo (also, their jars are returnable).


Your go to easy meal

Spinach & Mushroom Risotto.


Never leave home without

My antihistamine.


After a hard day I…

Hang with cat and read a book.


Product that changed your life

My power bank with a solar panel.


Favourite way to move your body



Best budget tip

The 22Seven app. Let it work in the background for a few weeks then deep dive into what is really going on.


Favourite Book

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins.


Favourite Healthy eating spot in your city

The Raptor Room, maybe not the healthiest but they do the yummiest veggie and vegan options. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][thb_title style=”style6″ title=”Shop This Article”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]


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