In an effort to share true information we’ve collected a list of Covid-19 news resources below. They’re a combination of official websites, hotlines and services as well as some articles you may want to read. As always when consuming your news always make sure you’re getting it from trustworthy sources; especially now when fake news is rampant.


Official websites

World Health Organisation for world updates on Covid-19

National Institute For Communicable Diseases for local updates on Covid-19

The Official Government  website on Covid-19

The Department of Health website for local updates.

The department of health Hotline for queries/ if you think you may be positive:  0800 029 999

The department of health whatsapp line:  0600 123 456. Whatsapp “HI” for Covid-19 information relevant to South Africa.

The official statement from the president following his March 15 address.


Where to get tested

If you’ve traveled in the past month / have been in contact with anyone who has been tested positive you can test at these Lancet laboratories around the country.  You’ll need to check with your medical aid to see what they cover.

There is NO home testing taking place, so do not open your home for people claiming to be doing home-testing. This is a scam being used to gain access to homes with the intention of robbing them.


News Sources

Coronapp is a centralised repository for relevant and accurate information regarding the COVID-19 virus in South Africa. Its purpose is to make reliable information highly accessible to South Africans in a hope to help people and prevent panic.

News24 which has been sharing updates on numbers of cases as well as other relevant Covid-19 related news specific to South Africa.

The Daily Maverick which includes longer articles and opinion pieces.

The New York Times has removed their paywall for all news articles pertaining to carona virus. You can view live updates here or sign up to their newsletter with latest developments and expert advice about prevention and treatment here. While they’re mainly sharing US specific information, they do have world updates as well as informative articles relevant to anyone.

DStv Now is making the following 24-hour news channels available on its platform: BBC World, CNN, eNCA, SABC News, Newzroom Afrika, and Euronews Now.  This service will also be available to people who don’t have a DStv subscription in South Africa. More details here


Articles to read

This article contains a simulator that shows how outbreaks like coronavirus spread and how to flatten the curve via Washington post.

9 charts that explain the carona virus via Vox.

The Rules of social distancing via Vox.

If you’ve been training for a race that’s been cancelled or may be cancelled Coach Parry has advise on what to do now


What can You do

Wash your hands regularly: soap and water is effective as long as you wash both sides of your hands for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer can be used when you don’t have access to water ie. when you go shopping.

Practice social distancing by not going out unnecessarily, avoiding social gatherings, and if you can working from home.

Don’t panic buy – buying more than you need takes away from others and causes unnecessary panic. Not everyone is able to bulk buy for a month and emptying shelves means others have to go without.

Be kind.

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