Some wellness trends are fleeting, lasting for a moment until the next better one comes along. Others, have staying power. Most of them hold promises of glowing skin, vibrant intestines, longer and happier life, and adding a pep in your step. Only a fraction actually deliver on those promises.


We try out a fair amount of wellness trends, all in the name of simplifying healthy living and giving you a taste (and hopefully an understanding) of what they’re about, to help you decide if it’s something you can benefit from.


So in a recent competition, when we asked the question “what is the craziest wellness trend you’ve tried” and got some great answers, we decided to turn them into a stand-alone post, as a warning of sorts.


To kick things off I’ll go first, read the others below and then share your wellness trend stories in the comments below.


The craziest wellness trend I’ve tried was most likely the time I spent an hour enclosed in a metal bean like structure filled with salt water, floating. It was quite nice. The worst trend I tried, was the gut reset which did more harm to my gut than good, and is a one-way ticket to developing an unhealthy food obsession.




“The craziest would be oil pulling. It was disgusting and did nothing except leave a bad taste in my mouth”.

– Jade Brennan


“The Cabbage soup detox diet was by far the craziest wellness trend I’ve ever tried. Not only do you struggle to get the soup down after the second day but everything you see around you just becomes even more appealing…. I can still smell it!”

– Kassandra Bindeman


“I tried ‘cleanse’ in the past to fix my gut. I was supposed to do 3-4 weeks of millet and tinned apple (no sugar) diet (nothing else) and some detox treatments. The detox treatment was charcoal compresses placed on my stomach covered with clingwrap to ‘sweat it out’. Needless to say, I lasted about 4 days and I couldn’t take it anymore. I think all it did was put me off ever eating tinned apple dish like a baked pudding ever again!”

– Belinda Meij


“I’ve tried eating charcoal powder for a clearer skin and getting rid of toxins. It seemed so crazy doing it as the powder is just black and when I tried it – I didn’t mix it with anything else I just had it from the spoon! I never read that I could add it into a smoothie or anything of the sort. My mouth and teeth were all black – it looked crazy! Even if it works I won’t ever try that again because I looked ridiculous.”

– Omphile Raleie


“I have explored plenty different weird and wonderful health trends, some I have adopted into my daily routine like golden milk, kombucha and almond matcha lattes. The craziest for me was a fish pedicure, also known as a fish spa, which involved me dipping my feet in a tub of water, filled with small fish called Garra Rufa. These little fish proceeded to snack on my feet removing all the little bits of dry and unwanted skin. Yum? Although it left my feet smooth and sexy, the idea that they snacked on someone else’s feet before me and will possible have dessert from another person’s toes after me, left me feeling slightly queasy”.

– Michelle


“I tried the FIST DIET. The Rules are at every meal, you fill your plate with the equivalent of one fistful of protein, one fistful of carbs, two fistfuls of vegetables, and three fingers worth of fat. I’d rather you eat at McDonald’s every day than do this, ever again!”

– Megan Hartwig


“Grapes only detox. Young and foolish!”

– Riette


“Hypnotherapy for past life regression and sound therapy. It was very interesting.

I’ve tried to do so many diets. They normally stop on the first day. I did the 3-day diet. I got till day 2. Wasn’t into all that egg and tuna”.

– Rushdia Omar


“While it may not seem outrageous or crazy. I found one of the most effective self-help tools I’ve found has been the headspace app. It is a meditation app that provides many different exercises for meditation. Some are specific for the situation you are preparing for”.

– Roger

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