You won’t find it on a list of superfoods; it’s not fancy (well mostly) and doesn’t come at a huge price tag. Its water, perhaps the original super drink, and crucial to living. Debates on how many glasses you need per day aside, being adequately hydrated is necessary to the proper functioning of your body. It helps with digestion, skin, energy and can even help you reach your fitness goals.



Water helps your body digest food and transport nutrients around your body. This means every time you have protein to repair and build muscle you need water to be able to digest the nutrients and transport them to the right places.

Water prevents fatigue. When you sweat during a workout your muscles lose water. This causes them to fatigue. Drinking during exercise or between sets can help you prevent that fatigue and push you through the end.

Water helps you lose weight. Water makes you feel fuller so you’re not tempted to eat more. Also dehydration can often mask itself as hunger. Next time you’re feeling like a snack have water and wait a few minutes to see if that cured the craving.

Water can help minimise delayed onset muscle soreness. Dehydration can cause aching joints and muscle cramps, prevent that by drinking more water.


So how do you drink more water every day?


  1. Start Your Day with a glass of water

Set yourself up right by beginning your day with a glass of water, while you have easy access to it and before you can make any excuses. Add in lemon to help kick-start your metabolism.

  1. Invest in a good water bottle

A new pair of running shoes is a great incentive to run. Likewise investing in a good water bottle you love makes drinking water easier. Choose one that is BPA free, keep it filled and carry it with you.

  1. Add some flavour

If the taste of plain water bores you, add some fruit or herbs to flavour it. These are some delicious combinations to get you started:

Water + fresh mint + pomegranate arils + orange slices

Water + strawberry + fresh basil

Water + Pineapple + chillies

Water + lemon + fresh berries

  1. Start each meal with a glass of water

You never forget to eat right? Add a glass of water into that routine and you have guaranteed 3 glasses per day ticked off. Drinking with meals can also prevent overeating.

  1. Track your water

Track your water to see just how much water you’re getting in daily. There’s many water tracking apps available (search water tracking in the app store) that will make it easier to track (some even remind you to drink more water). Some fitness apps like Fitbit, BBG and the iphone health app allow you to track water within them.


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