The 8th of September is the celebration of UNESCO’s World Literacy Day. This is a global event raising awareness on the issues surrounding adult and child literacy. Established 52 years ago in 1966, World Literacy Day is one of the United Nations sustainable development goals. World Literacy day highlights the changes and improvements being made worldwide in literacy development.


Candice Noakes-Dobson has written a children’s series called “The Little Horse called Pancakes” with the aim of creating a love of reading in young children, while also spreading the love and joy of animals with them.


Her series of book follows a little horse, Pancakes. Her books deal with Pancakes desire to become a vaulting pony, the fires that ravaged Cape Town a few years ago and a beach rescue in Noordhoek.


To celebrate World Literacy Day, Candice shared her 5 tips to encourage kids to read more


1. Lead by example. Read yourself. I often am reading biographies of wildlife conservationists and will discuss it with my daughter, Anna B. This leads to a dialogue and other topics.

2. Make it a memory that they will carry with them. Do the funny voices of the characters in the book when you read. Be silly, have fun.

3. Let your child choose the books they are interested in.

4. We have a little almost sacred space for the book we are reading, next to the bedside table.

5. After we finish a book we often chat about the characters and what is next for them. So, love to hear the imagination going wild. Always engage positively to their creativity. Reading to or with your child is an absolute privilege. As they grow older and more independent this special time may fade away. Treasure it, absorb their enthusiasm and let this time grow your relationship.

Candice’s 4th book in the Little Horse called Pancakes collection comes out later this year.

All the monies made from the sale of the Little Horse Called Pancakes Collections are donated to SARDA – South African Riding for the Disabled, to help them continue their incredible work.


Main Image by Feige Lewin

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