My biggest self-care goal for 2021 is improving sleep. As so many books on health that I read point out, sleep is the single best (and free!) thing you can do to improve your health. If you want to get into the nitty gritty of why it is so important you can read Fast Asleep by Dr Michael Mosley (reviewed here) or Nike Master Trainer Joe Holder’s latest column for GQ (linked over here).


Getting the right amount of sleep of course requires personal discipline more than anything else – as Joe said,


There are no shortcuts. In a culture where we love optimization and efficiency, you can’t “hack” sleep. No pill is going to turn six hours into eight—you’ve got to figure out how to commit the time.


But, sleep aides can go a long way in helping you get a quality night’s rest. One such aide is an essential oil diffuser, so when Celluvac sent me their newest launch, it felt like the stars were aligning to help me achieve my goal.


Celluvac’s essential oil mist diffuser is a really nifty device that does not take up much more than a drinking glass diameter on your bedside table or desk. Best for small to medium sized rooms, it works as both a humidifier and diffuser, has two mist options and can triple as a night light.


Eager to give it a try, I started using it immediately. I was interested in both its humidifying and diffusing properties.


Without adding drops of an essential oil in its drum, the diffuser pumps out a light water mist that is incredibly refreshing and excellent for improving respiratory health and dry skin. By adding moisture to the air, it helps to prevent dryness (skin, nose) and sinus congestion. After almost two months of use I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin’s moisture levels and as an aside I have not had one nosebleed (something I had become prone to in the last two years, most likely from dryness). It will be particularly interesting to see how it assists in winter when Joburg is notoriously even drier.


When it comes to aiding with sleep, adding an essential oil is where it’s at. I have never really been a huge essential oil user. In the steaming method with a bowl of boiling water I find essential oils too potent and using them directly on skin is known to be dangerous. Having a diffuser is an amazing way to incorporate essential oils both in your daily and sleep routines – it all comes down to which oils you decide to use.


Why you should consider adding an essential oil diffuser to your sleep routine


  • The humidifying properties help you sleep better. Better air moisture helps you to breathe better and breathing interruptions can and do interrupt sleep.


  • It is very soothing on hot summer nights. I have found that by placing it on my bedside table with the mist opening facing me, that the light mist diffuses over my pillow and face helping me to fall asleep easier.


  • For those who need white noise to help them fall asleep, the gentle whir of the water provides that. I will admit this took getting used to for me. I have never used a white noise device and on nights when I wasn’t exhausted by bedtime the sound bothered me.


What I love about the Celluvac essential oil mist diffuser


  • It has 7 different coloured light options that all go into dim and bright mode. In bright mode it is a very effective night light (a bit too dim to read with but bright enough to see). I like that red is one of the options, which allows you to have a blue light free zone before sleep and sets the mood for a restful sleep. When you’re ready to sleep you can switch off the light while the mist function continues.


  • It has two mist modes that alter how much mist is diffused and for how long. In mode one it is continuous and lasts 3-4hours. In mode two it pauses every 30 seconds, extending the stream for 6-8 hours. This is great if you want it to go throughout the night.


  • It automatically switches off when the water runs out which means you don’t have to worry about it overheating or having it on and run out while you’re asleep.


  • Essential oils in general help relax the body and the mind, reducing stress and anxiety, naturally lending to a better sleep state. There are many options you can experiment with, but lavender is very well known to aid with sleep. Although most books I read suggest adding it to a cotton pad and putting it by your bed, a diffuser is a far better way to have the soothing properties fill your space. Although I abhor the smell of lavender, I used the diffuser with a delightful citrus essential oil which was the most amazing scent. There is nothing more summery or fresh than having your room smell citrusy. Orange oil is also said to alleviate stress and anxiety, soothe your nervous system and promote healthy lymphatic flow.


  • It can be used as a natural mosquito repellent too. Apparently, citronella, peppermint and lemongrass repel mosquitoes making it a non-toxic way to ensure you don’t get bitten at night. No one wants to wake mid sleep scratching furiously.


If you want to give diffusing a try you can get the Celluvac Essential Oil diffuser here – it sells for R590.  For essential oils I recommend browsing Faithful to nature over here – they have a huge range.

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