Welcome to Self-Care with Celluvac, a monthly series where we explore different methods of self-care and test them out. This month we’re testing out the Celluvac Facial Steamer.


Facial steaming is a concept I’ve always been into but have struggled to incorporate it into my skin care routine. The old-fashioned method, aka. the method I use to use made it a pain. Something about boiling a kettle, filling a bowl with the boiling water, and sitting over it with a towel draped over your head feels very unrelaxing. Not to mention the frizzy hair it creates or the inability to control the temperature. It’s either too hot to the point your skin feels like it’s peeling off or it feels like it’s not steamy enough. This is why facial steaming is something I reserved for fluey days and blocked sinuses instead of taking advantage of its skin benefits regularly.


Why use a facial steamer?


Facial steaming is an amazing way to amp up your at home skin care routine and is probably the easiest way to create an home facial experience. The reason that incorporating a facial steamer into your skin care routine is beneficial is steaming’s ability to:


  • Aid in hydrating your skin
  • Assist your skin’s ability to absorb products you put on your face after cleansing
  • Increase circulation, creating a healthy glow


If you read any guidelines on why you should use a facial steamer, they will most commonly say that facial steamers hydrate the skin and open your pores. This article however delves a little deeper into how they work. Firstly, according to the aesthetician consulted for the piece, steaming is only hydrating if the face is sealed with a moisturiser or serum within 60 seconds of stopping the steam. Secondly, it’s not so much that steaming unclogs pores, but rather that by heating your skin, it softens the dirt and oils in your pores making them easier to extract without damaging your skin.


The benefits of using one don’t stop at skincare, they are also great for relieving congestion and blocked sinuses.


How to use a facial steamer


  1. Make sure your skin is exceptionally clean and dry beforehand.
  2. It is recommended that you fill your steamer with purified distilled water. The reason is that tap water contains minerals which not only steam onto your face, but in time will clog the steamer.
  3. The recommendation is to sit 20cm away from the steamer. The length of time you steam for is dependant on what your skin can tolerate so you will need to test this out for yourself but anywhere from 2-10 minutes. I’ve settled on roughly 5 minutes.
  4. After steaming is when you will apply either a mask, an exfoliator, a serum or a moisturiser.
  5. Steaming can be done 3-5 times a week but never for more than 10 minutes and never twice a day. Over steaming can dehydrate the skin.


Celluvac Facial Steamer 03

My experience using the Celluvac Nano-ionic facial steamer


Celluvac’s facial steamer is called Nano-ionic. This means that it turns water into Nano particles (i.e. tiny) which hydrate the skin quicker.


Like all of Celluvac’s products, the design of their steamer is sleek and minimal, which will seamlessly fit in any space. Other things that I love about it are:


  1. It generates it steam very quickly. Within 20 seconds of turning on the button, a powerful steam is pouring out the nozzle. This minimises any prep or waiting time and makes it more likely that you’ll follow through regularly.
  2. It’s water tank (65ml) allows for 6-8 minutes of continuous steaming and it automatically shuts off when the steam is finished. By figuring out how much to fill it for your desired steaming time, it makes the process even easier as it will stop streaming you when you’re done.
  3. It comes with a lid that you can cover the steam head with once it cools which is great for avoiding dust collecting in it.


I have been using the Celluvac facial steam for about a month now and I have been loving it. I use it most commonly on a Sunday, a day I reserve for extra self care and exfoliating face masks. It feels luxurious, has not irritated my skin at all and I always find that after using it I wake up the next day with plumper more hydrated looking skin.


I have also been testing a new skin care routine this month that makes use of serums so have been extra keen to use the steamer. We often go to such an effort and expense finding powerful serums and moisturisers for our faces but don’t spend nearly as much effort making sure the products penetrate as best as they could.


During the past month of use there was also one morning I woke up feeling very congested and blocked up, I went straight to the steamer for an 8-minute session, and it cleared me right up.


It must be noted that this steamer can not tolerate any oils so if you like to infuse your steaming with any essential oils then this steamer is not for you.


Want to try it? Get it here (R690)


Celluvac Facial Steamer 04


Celluvac is a Cape Town based company that provide natural health and beauty alternative products which are easy to incorporate into busy routines, allowing you quality moments to practice self care. They sent us their Nano-ionic facial steamer to test out. This article was not sponsored, previewed or pre-approved by Celluvac. Opinions are our own.

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