When I think of the Farmer’s Market I think of food, specifically fresh fruit and veg. The type that looks like it was pulled from the ground that morning, is odd shaped and colorful. And displayed in straw and wooden baskets.


And yet during a recent trip to the Bryanston Organic Farmer’s Market, I skipped right past the food – to be honest, the fruit and veg didn’t look all that amazing – and got lost in the vendors selling bowls, plates, jewellery, beauty products and clothes.


In the end, I walked away with 4 items and 4 stories on how they came about


The Amazing Grater

 Farmers Market Finds [that aren’t food items]


My favourite find of the day happened by accident. Tucked between the food vendors which I was walking straight past was Mandla and his amazing grater stand. If it wasn’t for him enthusiastically waving us over – one of the few stall owners to do so, I would’ve walked straight passed it.


The amazing grater is a small ceramic plate shaped grater, hand painted by Mandla’s brother.


The grater is brilliant at grating garlic into a smooth paste, ginger into heaped pile, and chocolate nuts and Parmesan into tiny shavings.


Mandla’s brother saw the idea in France and started making them, adding his own flair by painting each grater in African inspired colourful and unique patterns. He makes them, and Mandla sells them at the Bryanston Organic Market, The Rosebank Flee market and other pop up shows.


I’ve been using it since I got it and plan on getting more as gifts. Aside from how pretty they are, they work brilliantly and best of all, because of their material they don’t absorb smells which means you can grate garlic, wash it and then grate chocolate without worrying about getting a garlic scented chocolate. It also washes easier than a regular grater.


Handmade Wooden Bowl

Farmers Market Finds [that aren’t food items]

I’m always looking for good food props and utensils and picked up the nicest handmade wooden bowl from the Dalmann stand. It’s the perfect size for smoothie bowls and salads and is made with recycled wood.


It’s made in Mozambique by Carolyn’s father – he makes all the products and she sells them. Aside from the bowl, there was the most stunning wooden serving bowls, servers, vases and more.


Elke Le Roux Porcelain Earrings

Farmers Market Finds [that aren’t food items]


There’s a stand that sells both handmade jewellery and, tiny forks and spoons and ceramic cups. Most of the jewellery is ceramic with painted with pops of gold and shades of blues and greens. The pair I picked is made by an artist, architect and ceramist named Elke Le Roux. They’re made in Namibia and are sterling silver. My favourite thing about them is that because they’re hand painted, each pair looks slightly different.


Bee Healthy Creamy Rich Honey Butter

Farmers Market Finds [that aren’t food items]

This was actually the one item Feige picked, which comes at no surprise seeing it was at a beauty product stand. Mira runs the stand and her father, a chemist makes the product – everything is natural with ingredients targeted at different areas and issues. This butter is made from raw honey, cold-pressed avocado oil, beeswax, sunflower oil and essential oils. Aside from moisturising, it’s said to reduce stretch marks and scars. It has a fresh lemon smell and as it’s quite oily requires just a dab to feel like you’re getting a good amount on.


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Photography by Feige Lewin

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