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This father’s day we are celebrating the practical things that dads teach their children. There are so many great lessons that fathers hope to teach their children, but what are the lessons their kids remember?


The most practical Lesson my father taught me [Father’s Day Special]


My father might be shocked to find out that the practical lesson he taught me that has always stuck in my mind is to never reverse more than you have to. This piece of advice came after I backed my car into a wall but ever since then, every time I put my car in reverse I hear his words in my head.




The most practical Tool my father taught me was, Be patient Josh…

Growing up, my Dad and I spent many hours on the side of a trout dam in the Midlands. If you have ever learnt to fly fish, you will know that learning to cast a fly rod is something which takes practice! You have to get a lot wrong before you get it right and this sure did test my patience!


Being patient may not first appear to be a practical tool. Thinking about it a bit more though, these lessons taught me to be patient and to take the necessary time to get something right.

I never realised it then…I thought I was just learning how to fish, but my dad was instilling in me the tool of patience. [Josh Nuttall]


The most practical Lesson my father taught me [Father’s Day Special] Conrad van den burg


My father enjoyed woodwork and taught me to acquire things “as you need them”. In other words, don’t try stock your workshop with every tool that you think you might need, but as you get the need of a tool only then go buy it. He never told me the reason for this approach, but as I lived life I figured it out. Firstly, things cost money. Second, if one buys something before needing it, it might be that you never use it, or that the item is not exactly fit for purpose. And thirdly, acquiring what you need is part of the fun, so spread it out! [Conrad van den Berg]


The most practical Lesson my father taught me [Father’s Day Special] - Esther Patience


The one thing my Father taught me is that one has to work for what you want. I think it’s the reason I can’t quit/give up – like in my 5 year Half Ironman quest… If I don’t reach my goal I ask myself… Did you work hard enough? And of course, the answer when no success is always that maybe I didn’t. That goes for sports and life…. Maybe Not so much a practical lesson… But I think the ultimate lesson in life. [Esther Patience]


The most practical Lesson my father taught me [Father’s Day Special] Alan Salzwedel


My father always said, “Don’t put it down; put it away”.  It’s a great way to keep order in your shed or garage. I don’t always get it right but I try. [Alan Salzwedel]


The most practical Lesson my father taught me [Father’s Day Special] Alan Salzwedel



The most practical Lesson my father taught me [Father’s Day Special] Lisa de Speville


My parents divorced before I was a toddler so I didn’t grow up with my father in my home – and until I was about 10 we were not even in the same province. Every time we spoke on the phone he would ask after my teeth and whether I was brushing regularly. When I saw him he would ‘counsel’ me on tooth brushing technique. Growing up, his parents completely neglected tooth care and as an adult, he ended up with dental issues. He didn’t want the same for me.


As a one-week on and one-week off ‘stepmom’ to my fiancé’s children, the one thing that I am most adamant about is tooth care. When I first met the children two-and-a-half years ago, they did little more than putting a blob of toothpaste into their mouths and spit it out five seconds later. They’ve both had teeth pulled and fillings.


Enter the dental police! I’ve done charts and timers and toothbrushes and toothpastes and apps to encourage regular two-minute brushing. With their milk teeth being replaced by adult teeth, I can help to ensure that their dental hygiene habits improve so that they take better care of their real teeth. I’ve totally turned into my dad where dental care for my two stepchildren is concerned. I’m fortunate that my dad had such a dental obsession; 40 years young and I’ve got strong, healthy teeth with no cavities. [Lisa de Speville]


The most practical Lesson my father taught me [Father’s Day Special] Manjoo RughunandanManjoo Rughunandan’s Grandaughter


My father taught me to assemble and ride a bike! My gran is proud of me and my dad.


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Main Image: Josh Nuttall and his father, provided by Josh Nuttall.

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