At the core, the sandaled Masai tribesman wrapped in a crimson wool shawl and the slick Manhattan stockbroker in a $3000 pin-striped suit are the same: We all want to love, to be loved, to laugh, to eat and drink, to feel secure, to contribute to our community. To dream.

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In a nutshell


On 2 September 2013, Diana Nyad stepped out of the ocean onto Smathers Beach in Florida Keys after swimming for 53 hours across 110 miles from Cuba. That record breaking swim was a dream she held onto for over 30 years and one she had attempted four times before. In Find a Way, Diana candidly shares her story, her drive and what (and who) it took to complete, what she calls ‘the dream’.

Book Club Notes


I remember seeing tweets and news headlines when Diana completed her swim, but I didn’t follow it, nor did I read much about it. However, when Find a Way popped up on a booklist, I immediately wanted to read it. And so I did. I’m glad I didn’t know much about her epic swim when I started the book as it gave me a chance to read without knowing and discover her story through her own words. Diana writes with brazen candour – not shying away from the difficult and painful parts of her life, but rather embracing them as factors that contributed to the woman she is today and her drive to dream the impossible and then prove it to be possible. She openly acknowledges the people, her team, who made countless sacrifices for years to allow her to go after her dream. Her book gives you a real idea of what it takes to achieve something so big. 

It’s impossible to read her story and not be inspired to go after your own dreams. To decide what you want to do with ‘your one wild and precious life’. While most of us are not looking to cross oceans on our own steam or break records, she shares the four factors that contribute to the success of daring expeditions. Factors, I think anyone can apply to their own dreams and goals. 

  1. Physical preparation – you are truly the only thing you have complete control over.
  2. Knowledge is power – know everything possible about the elements and obstacles. 
  3. Support – Surround yourself with brilliant people who will support you.
  4. Unshakeable faith – believe in yourself, don’t accept limitations or let anybody tell you can’t do it. 

Read If


You followed her swim, enjoy extreme sports or want to be inspired to go after your own dreams – no matter your age.

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Readability – 10 /10
Writing – 8/10
Likeability – 8/10
Purpose – 9/10
Shareability – 8/10
8.0Overall Score

The Nitty Gritty


Published by: Pan Macmillan 

Genre: Non-Fiction, Biography, Adventure

ISBN: 978-1035007158

Pages: 382

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