You ever go shopping with a list and arrive home with more than one item that was not on your list? An item you discovered and just had to try? Welcome to foodie finds, a series devoted to the items that weren’t on the shopping list but should be.


My latest foodie finds are an embarrassingly long time coming, with some being used so often they’ve been repurchased. Which just means by now I know that they’re really good.


1. Rebel Kitchen Whole and Barista Mylk

Foodies Finds Rebel Kitchen MylkA new plant-based milk brand that is not a nut / grain milk but rather made from multiple ingredients to get it to mimicking the taste and feel of real milk. The Rebel Kitchen Whole mylk is made from a combination of coconut cream, brown rice, cashews, gluten free oats and hemp to create a thick and creamy plant-based milk. It has a very neutral taste, which we find really pleasant. Some people say it tastes like long-life milk, but we didn’t get that.

The Barista blend is made with coconut cream, gluten free oats and faba beans. It’s one of the very few plant-based milks that is able to yield a good enough foam for lattes – but it needs to be used much like you would regular milk – with a milk steamer and frother or you can use it in a Dolgona coffee.

Rebel Kitchen Whole Mylk and Barista Mylk available here in cases (R420 and R560 for a case of 6 and 8).


2. Buttanut 100% Peanut Butter (+ limited edition gingerbread)

Foodie Finds Buttanut Peanut butterOur new favorite peanut butter – it has a deliciously roasted peanut, stick to the top of your mouth, flavour and feel. It’s made from JUST high-oleic peanuts which have a higher level of mono-saturated fats (the good fats) and a better taste. It has a slightly chunky texture – in between a true smooth and chunky peanut butter. While I was stocking up on the regular PB I grabbed a bottle of the limited-edition Gingerbread flavor which contains honey, cinnamon, and ginger for a delicious gingerbread flavour – a decision I do not regret. If you love peanut butter and gingerbread it’s one to get!

Available here (R99 for 1kg) and Gingerbread Peanut Butter available here (R99.95 for 1kg)


3. OKJA Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Foodie Finds OKJA chocolate hazelnut spreadChocolate and Hazelnut in a spread. Say no more. But I will. It is the dairy free version of Nutella, and it is delicious. It has a drippy consistency which I imagine would make it perfect for drizzling over ice cream.  It’s by no means healthy (sugar is listed as the top ingredient followed by hazelnuts) but it is a better version of Nutella with better ingredients (no palm oil). It’s not something I’ll use daily or eat a lot of, but it is something I’ll use in baking or have a spoon of if the mood hits. If you’re looking for the dairy-free version of Nutella, look no further – this is it.

Available at Moishe’s Butchery or online here (R71.95 – R79.99  for 350g jar)


4. Woolworths Sriracha Seasoning

Foodie Finds Sriracha SpiceA new spice blend + cute tin bottle + sriracha flavor = an item I could not say no to. Woolies is rocking the spice game lately and this siracha seasoning is fantastic. It’s got just enough heat to sizzle without burning your tongue. I’ve been using it alone on fish (for fish tacos), chicken, roasted potatoes and sprinkled onto popcorn.

Available here (R34.99 for 75g)


5. Tabasco Brand Sriracha Seasoning

Foodie Finds Tabasco SrirachaOn the topic of sriracha, I found this a few months ago and it’s become a regular. I love the size of the bottle (not too big, not too small), flavor and consistency. It’s not as hot as the Asian brands but still has a good heat.

Available here (R69.99 for 256ml)

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