I don’t need to write it down, I’ll remember it. How many times have you uttered those words and then promptly forgot about what you were sure you’d remember?


Jen, owner and founder of Alexa Lily, a company that makes and sells the most beautiful and functional planners and calendars, is a firm believer in the power of making lists and writing things down. As a mum of twin girls, who take up most of her time, she’s passionate about organisation, design, function, beautiful things as well as living a more simplified & happy life. She also understands the need to get organised and stay organised.


We asked Jen to share her top tips for getting organised, using a planner or calendar and why you should be writing down your to-do lists down. If you’ve bought an Alexa Lily calendar or planner or watched her instagram stories where she shares her organisational tips, you’ll know there’s no better person to speak on getting organised. To help you stay organised this year, we’re also giving away an Alexa Lily Weekly Schedule Calendar + a Sticker Pack – you can enter to win that here.


What are your top tips to get organised? 

My top tips for getting organised are having the “essential tools” as I like to call it to help you stay focused, inspired and on top of things. These would include a beautiful planner, or calendar or notebook or all the above. Starting your day by listing your TOP FOCUS / PRIORITY for the day ahead and preparing if necessary, the evening before (whatever works best for your schedule). Then ensuring that you are mentally and physically in the right space to really get focused. So having that cup of coffee in the morning, or going for that early morning jog, doing a yoga class, meditating, deep breathing whatever works for you to really get you in the right frame of mind both physical / mentally to take on the day ahead.


Editors note: Feige and I have tried dozens of diaries, bullet journals and planners in the past. On discovering Alexa Lily and their weekly and daily planners, we knew we found the daily planner we’d been looking for. It’s beautiful, yet practical and has monthly themes and check-ins to help you keep on track.


How does writing things down help keep you organised? 

Since entering my 30’s and becoming a mum, I’ve quickly realised that my memory is severely lacking and thus writing things down on a piece of paper helps me enormously. But I also love beautiful things so having something that I am drawn to write in makes me want to do it even more.


When do you use a calendar and when do you use to-do lists?

I use a calendar at the start of my week / month depending on whether I am using the Weekly Schedule Calendar or the Monthly Edit Calendar. I will list out everything ahead of time. That way I know what is to come and can add in things last minute because nothing is pre prepared all the time. To-do lists I will use every day and probably use these daily or on the day itself.


How do you manage your calendar?

I manage it by constantly referring and using it as my guide. I also allow for flexible time during the day as I am part time working and part time with my girls when they not at school. My daily life is a bit of a juggle. I’ll edit things along the way or just move one to -do list/ item to the next day if I need to. I’m all about a practical yet focused approach to your day.


What’s your advice for tackling a never-ending list of things to do? When you Make a List, How do you prioritise?

I would simply say that we have to list according to priority and also figure out why you are not completing something. Is it because it’s more than a daily task or are you getting side-tracked and moving on too quickly? for example, if I have invoicing on my list every day. I will make this a top priory and only move onto the next item until this is complete unless there is a valid reason as to why I can’t do it. Perhaps working with earphones on (listening to some soothing music) so you’re not distracted by people around you if you in a co -working space or finding a quiet space that inspires you a little more to work better.


What’s the benefits of having a physical diary/calendar?

The benefit for me is simply that it allows for me to have an all in one space to keep my daily life in check but also prompt me to focus on things both personally and professionally. To look at the bigger picture as to what my intentions are for the day vs month vs year. What my goals are. What I want to achieve for the year.  Being able to write something down and cross it off when it’s complete gives you a feeling of accomplishment especially when it’s done daily.


What was the thought process behind the design of the Alexa Lily planners and calendars?

The thought process behind choosing the covers for the Daily and Weekly Planners is very much around my personal style. I personally LOVE absolutely every cover for 2020 and specifically chose these covers / colours so that A. they would work cohesively together, but B. they were appealing from a trend perspective. I don’t like to focus too much on trends as all covers are also in line with Alexa Lily Brand. However, the fun part about creating new covers every year is that we can keep things fresh! The inside pages for the Planners are also very minimal but functional so that your daily life takes centre stage. The calendars follow this same thought process in that they are all minimal yet functional. So, when the calendar is on your fridge, as an example, it is not over powering or clashing with your colour scheme. But most importantly it’s a minimal design that is sleek and sophisticated to fit in with your every day and help you to stay and be organised.


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