After a hiatus we’re back with monthly themes and this month we’re focusing on the gut.


Our gut (or gastrointestinal tract) is the ‘machine’ in our bodies that processes the food we eat from the moment it enters our mouths, to the moment it exits our bodies. The health of our digestive system is paramount to how we feel and learning to listen to your gut (both physically and emotionally) is the key to figuring out the recipe to your unique healthy life blueprint.


How we feel, how we look and making the right decisions are all part of what ‘It’s a Gut Feeling’ aims to tackle. From food (lots of it), to trends, to beauty and more, this month you can look forward to easy to digest content.


If there’s something you’d like us to cover, comment below or drop us an email. If you’d like to share your Gut Feeling moments/ ideas and interpretations, tweet us, Facebook us or share your images on Instagram and we’ll share our favorites.

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