We’ve compiled a list of resources gathered from social media that provide ways to help or get help. It includes live maps tracking incidents, community groups, where to donate, find essentials, mental health resources and a few simple, minimal ingredient recipes. If you would like to add to this list, email info@nutreats.co.za.



The Unrest App by Policy Lab tracks incidents of violence, looting, arson, protests and other instability during the ongoing unrest in South Africa. It was created by Christopher Wood and Devi Pillay, who produced a dataset of incidents using credible, verifiable reports from the media.


Community Groups

RebuildSA Facebook Group for details of affected business and to sign up to volunteer.

Collective Action – a private Facebook group that post requests on behalf of people needing small-scale financial and other help for once-off situations.



Gift of the Givers – the largest Disaster response NGO in South Africa who has consistently done incredible work.

Home Hawks Durban North Donations  organized by @gijanefit is collecting funds for the community groups patrolling KZN.

Rays of Hope is a NGO which manages a large number of social outreach programmes in Alexandra Township. They’re asking for food and toiletry donations to be delivered to Rosebank Union Church between 9 and 12 daily. More details here

Food not Bombs is a Facebook group organizing supplies to turbulent communities.



Formula and Nappies: contact 060 442 2786 / The Nappy Shop (via @theperfectmatchfoundation)


Homemade Formula / Baby Food Options – check out the highlight Emergency KZN on @the_green_dietician for advice on making your own formula / donating breast milk.



Mental Health

Free Therapy Sources via @thesouthafricantherapist

Life Line: 0861 322 322

SADAG: 011 234 4837

Suicide Crisis Lifeline: 0800 567 7567

Trauma Helpline: 0800 205 026

A breathing technique to calm the nervous system and soothe anxiety by @patrycjya.mochocka


Simple Recipes

This Flatbread recipe just requires flour, salt , baking powder and water.

A pantry staple tomato and chickpea soup which uses cans. Skip the celery if you don’t have and you can easily use a can of tomato and onions instead of fresh onions.

3 ingredient chocolate caramels because sometimes you just need something sweet. you can use dried dates instead of fresh.

Homemade oat milk which requires oats, water and salt.



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