You don’t realise just how far high tech fitness gear has come until you read about what people were wearing a few decades ago. Nike founder, Phil Knight’s book Shoe Dog reveals how simple running shoes used to be and how running clothing was a shirt and shorts, maybe a tracksuit if it was cold. It wasn’t a complete industry in itself. In an Outside Podcast I learnt that sport bras weren’t invented until the 1970’s and the ones we wear today are nothing compared to what they were back then. If ever there was a piece of apparel to effect performance, undoubtedly for women, it would be the sports bra – one of the most important pieces you own.


Nowadays fitness gear isn’t just what you wear to feel comfortable while exercising, it’s engineered to dry faster, hide smells, prevent chaffing, make you perform better, recover faster and track every goal. But does it really do that?


Take one the most popular high-tech fitness accessories – the sports watch, made to track your pace, distance, times, PB’s, routes, heart rate and more. Does wearing one make you faster? For me the answer is yes. In the past few weeks I’ve run old school, sans watch. My runs have been noticeable slower without me glancing ever so often to my wrist to see where I’m at. Somehow having something telling me how fast or slow I’m going is incentive for me to move faster. Either its that or the cold mornings.


With our June theme wired in mind I dug around and found some of the coolest high-tech fitness gear, engineered to improve performance, comfort and recovery. Oh and every item below comes in both female and male versions.


CW-X Stabily X Tights


CW-X uses patented CW-X EXO-WEB™ technology to mimic kinesiology-taping techniques that trainers apply to injured muscles, and this is what gives CW-X tights’ their trademark criss-cross stitching. When this technology is applied to muscles and joints it creates an exoskeletal support system that improves bio mechanics during motion. These tights are engineered to support the core and knees with compression to help facilitate circulation during and after activity to minimise lactic acid build-up and help you recover faster. I can personally vouch for their recovery claims – I’ve been using CW-X compression tights for years, as my after long run outfit and they make a noticeable difference to how my legs have felt. They also last for years.


Find them here (women’s) or here (men’s)


Adidas Alpha Skin Collection


The Adidas Alpha Skin collection was engineered to wrap around your body like a second skin to allow for a full range of motion and freedom of movement. They’re also made with an anti-odour fabric with Polygiene technology for a fresh feel, so you can wear them more than once before needing to wash them. They also have UPF 50+ UV protection making them a good outdoor option. The collection includes tights, tops, sport bras and socks for both men and women.


Find them here


Under Armour Hovr Running Shoes


The Under Armour Hovr shoes almost look like they’re bouncing. They’re engineered with HOVR™ technology to provide a ‘zero gravity feel’ to maintain energy return that helps eliminate impact step after step. They have a breathable and compression fit upper for comfort and a knit ankle collar for a snug boot like fit. Some versions of the Hovr are even equipped with UA’s Record Sensor™ which connect your shoes to your phone for tracking.


Find them here


New Balance Fresh Foam Lazr Athletic Shoes


These New Balance Fresh Foam Lazr takkies, use their proprietary fresh foam cushioning technology in their first ever laser engraved fresh foam midsole. The fabric is Hyposkin, an innovative material that adapts to the shape of your foot for comfort and ease of movement.  The have a one piece upper, with no laces to eliminate any pressure points and provide better comfort both in the gym and on the street.


Find them here


Under Armour Athlete Recovery Ultra Comfort Sleepwear


We know that sleep helps recovery, but Under Armour’s Athlete Recovery Ultra Comfort Sleepwear takes it one step further. They worked with football star Tom Brady to create pajamas said to speed up recovery. The key is the soft bioceramic print on the inside of the pajamas. It harnesses the power of Far Infrared—a type of energy that has several benefits for the human body. That print actually absorbs the body’s natural heat and reflects that energy back into the skin. This helps your body recover faster and promotes better sleep.


Find them here

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