Standing here now, looking across the valley towards the facing hills, Jess could imagine how homesick Isabel must have felt at times. She herself had been thinking about ‘home’ a lot. Home, she realized, wasn’t a place or time or a person, though it could be any and all of those things: home was a feeling, a sense of being complete. The opposite of ‘home’ wasn’t ‘away’ it was ‘lonely’. When someone said, ‘I want to go home’, what they really meant was that they didn’t want to feel lonely anymore.

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In a nutshell


Jess is a journalist living in England who find herself unemployed and struggling to pay her bills. A phone call from Australia summons her back to her native Sydney where her beloved Gran, Nora is seriously ill in hospital. At Nora’s home Jess discovers a true crime book detailing a long-buried police case: The Turner Family Tragedy of 1959 – a murder that set shockwaves through the small town of Tambilla. As she uncovers more, Jess finds a shocking connection between her family and the notorious murder.

Book Club Notes


Whenever I pick up a thick book, I have a mixture of trepidation and excitement. On the one hand, you can be in for a book you don’t want to end. On the other, you can be in for a book you don’t want to finish. Luckily for me Homecoming was the former. I didn’t want it to end. From the opening chapter right until the last page I was fully hooked. It is an epic slow burn generational mystery that takes you back and forth between past and present, slowly and deliciously uncovering the layers. It is unputdownable and kept me up into the early hours of the morning wanting to know what happened to characters that leaped off the pages. It’s arguably the best fiction book I’ve read this year and left me with that wow feeling you get every only once in a while after finishing a particularly good book.

Read If


You like mysteries and family secrets or historical fiction.



Storyline – 10/10
Writing – 9/10
Character Development – 10/10
Plot Twist – 9/10
Shareability – 10/10
9.0Overall Score
A note on our book ratings

Storyline: How good is the storyline? Is it believable and complex or does it make you shake your head in its ridiculousness?

Writing: How well written is the book? Do you find yourself wowed by the writing or unimpressed?

Character Development: Do the characters evolve and grow through the book and are they multi-dimensional?

Plot Twist: Were you able to predict the end, or did the author give you some surprises along the way to keep you on your toes?

Shareability: How likely are you to share the book?

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