Break an Egg, The Broadway Cookbook is a collection of 55 original recipes inspired by Broadway musicals. It’s a charming and fun cookbook that those who love Broadway and cooking will adore.


In the introductory notes, the cookbook author Tara Theoharis explains that a great meal is like a great show – ‘it leaves you satisfied, inspired and thinking about it for days afterwards.’


The book begins much like a Broadway show, with a preshow that consists of common terms and techniques, followed by tools of the trade and ingredients for success. In essence, it’s a helpful start to cooking and sets you up to create a magical dish.


She’s split the recipes into chapters that match a Broadway program, starting with the Overture (Appetizers) and ending with the Encore (Desserts). You can pick a dish inspired by your favourite musical or just as you fancy. Some of the recipes I’m excited to try include Greens, Greens, Nothing but greens (a salad, inspired by into the woods) and Piragua, Piragua (shaved ice, inspired by In the Heights).


While it may not be the most culinary advanced cookbook, it is an original and fun take on cooking that will give you a taste of your favourite musicals. My only suggestion: Cook the recipe along to the songs of the musical it was inspired by.


The recipe I’m sharing is the one that I was most excited to make – Too Darn Hot Sauce, inspired by Kiss Me Kate. I’ve been going through a hot sauce phase and find myself making every recipe I come across and buying any hot sauce that looks new and exciting. This homemade hot sauce is literally Too Darn Hot. It’s a level 10 on the heat scale and is best added to food in little drops. If you love a HOT hot sauce, this is one to add to your kitchen.


The recipe for Too Darn Hot Sauce is introduced like the other recipes with a goofy pun:

“Quick question for the company of Kiss Me Kate: If it’s too darn hot to meet up with your baby, is a high-speed, six-minute tap number in the middle of your show really going to help? Don’t think too darn hard about it. Save some energy to make this sauce instead. It’s guaranteed to make any dish hot enough”.


There are three important tips before getting started;

1. Use gloves while cutting and handling the chili peppers. I find that when I’m cutting a lot of chilies, my hands start to burn, a painful sensation that takes hours to go away. This is particularly important if you wear contact lenses. You do not want chili fingers in your eyes, and it takes more than a few hand washes to get it off your hands.

2. Keep the kitchen well ventilated. The chilies are strong and one little sniff can have you in a coughing fit.

3. For a milder sauce, scrape some of the seeds out of the peppers before sautéing.


Too Darn Hot Sauce from The Broadway Cookbook

Too Darn Hot Sauce

A homemade HOT hot sauce inspired by the Broadway Musical, Kiss Me Kate.
Course: Condiments
Dietary: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, No Added Sugar, Nut Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free
Servings: 250 ml


  • blender


  • 5 poblano peppers
  • 5 serrano peppers
  • 3 jalapeno peppers
  • 2 habanero peppers
  • 2 tablespoon vegetable oil I used High Oleic Sunflower Oil
  • 4 cloves garlic minced
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • ½ tablespoon kosher salt


  • Cut the top of the peppers and cut them into thick slices.
  • Place the oil, garlic and peppers in a large pot. Sauté for 2 minutes, or until the peppers have softened, and then add the vinegar and salt.
  • Cover the pot, bring the mixture to a boil, and then reduce heat to a simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Remove the pot from the heat, and let cool slightly. (Use caution when removing the lid from the pot - the steam that comes out will burn your eyes.)
  • Pour the mixture into a blender, and blend until liquified.
  • Strain through a fine mesh sieve, and store the liquid in a bottle or jar. It should last a couple of months in the fridge.

Break an Egg was published by Insight Editions and is distributed in South Africa by Jonathan Ball Publishers. Break an Egg, The Broadway Cookbook is available here.


Too Darn Hot Sauce from The Broadway Cookbook


Recipe is reprinted with permission from the publisher. Jonathan Ball Publishers nor the author approved or reviewed this piece prior to publication. Opinions + images are our own.

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