Unicorn toast is essentially a piece of toast spread with colourful spreads, often in artistic swirls. It is the easiest of the Unicorn themed foods to create at home.


The original unicorn toast is credited to Adeline Wough of @vibrantandpure. A quick scroll down her feed will provide you with endless inspiration on how to style your toast.


The spreads are made up of a cream cheese, or if you’re vegan you can choose cashew cheese (recipe here). The cheese is then mixed with your choice of powders like turmeric, acai berry, spirulina etc.


We created two variations of Unicorn Toast, one with real cream cheese and the other using this cashew cheese recipe.


The cream cheese was colored using spirulina powder and squeezing the juice from pomegranate arils. The cashew cheese was colored using turmeric and wheatgrass powder.


Add your powder slowly, mix it in and then adjust to get the right color and taste.

If you’re using the cashew cheese, add a tablespoon of water, to thin it out a bit so it spreads and absorbs the color better. Mixing it in a blender just before adding color also helps make it smoother.


How to Make Unicorn Toast


How to Make Unicorn Toast

How to create Instagram-worthy and nutritious Unicorn Toast using superfood powders and pomegranate. Vegan and Dairy options.
Course: Snacks
Dietary: No Added Sugar, Vegan, Vegetarian


  • Toast / sliced bread
  • Cream cheese / cashew cheese
  • Your choice of superfood powders We used Turmeric, Spirulina and Wheatgrass
  • Pomegranate juice from a fresh pomegranate


  • Choose your cream and how many powders you will be using. You can use just one powder and achieve a unicorn look by creating different concentrations of powders to create a gradient unicorn toast
  • Choose your cream and how many powders you will be using. You can use just one powder and achieve a unicorn look by creating different concentrations of powders to create a gradient unicorn toast
  • Mix about 1 tablespoon of cheese with a pinch of powder. Keep adding powder by the pinch until you get your desired colour. Remember to taste in between adding more powder – these powders have strong flavours and too much will create a spread you can’t eat.
  • If you are using beet or pomegranate juice, add 1 drop at a time. I suggest using fresh beets / pomegranates not ones in a bottle. If you cut a beet, the bits of juice that come onto the knife are what you want. Alternatively, you can pop pomegranate arils above the cheese to get the juice (as seen in the pink/blue toast above).
  • To create the yellow and green toast, I used this cashew cheese recipe. I added a tablespoon of water to thin it out (as adding powders would make it too thick) and blended it well until it was very smooth and creamy. I added wheatgrass powder to half of it and turmeric to the other half. I then spread the yellow turmeric spread on one side and the wheatgrass spread on the other. Where they met, I blended them into each so that the yellow and green overlapped. To create the darker green on the edge, I added a bit more wheatgrass to make the cashew cheese darker and to achieve a faded look.
  • To create the pink and blue toast I used cream cheese, pomegranate and spirulina. I spread a plain coat of cream cheese first. Then added a pinch of spirulina to a tablespoon of cream cheese to give me a green/blue colour. I squeezed pomegranate arils into another tablespoon of cream cheese until I had that light pink colour. I then spread it onto the toast, by alternating little pink and blue L curved swirls.


How to Make Unicorn Toast



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